Listed below are varies essays I've collected over the years discussing varies aspects of Role Playing Games. They mostly focus on the Palladium series of games; however, if/when I find any good essays I'll include them below.

Enjoy, and if you have any you'd like to see included please send them my way.

A theory on the past of Rifts Earth; by Stan Bundy

Advanced Darwinism, or Survival of the Super-Fittest

An Analysis of Death and the Mystic Soul

Astral Domains & Cosmic Theory

Coherent Physical Theory of Magic

Dimension & Time Theories

Dimensional Theories ala Robotech

Dimensional Theory: Ley Lines and the Megaverse

The Case for Sidekicks

Theories on the Evolution of Supernatural Organisms

Vampires and Nuclear Weapons

Why Do We Role Play

Wolfen and Elves A possible history

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