Wolfen and Elves: A possible history.

By: Lord Holyoak
Posted on: August 13, 1998

Lord VorTEx asked: There's only one major hurdle to be overcome in this entire theory, and that's on page 281 of the PFRPG 2nd Ed. rule book. The wolven first appear 2000 years before the Elf-Dwarf War even begins. Other then this small problem the theory is great, but that 2000 years is quite the wrench in the works.

Good point. you made me break out the book to see if I could justify my theory and I think I can. You may want to get yours out also as we go along here so that I don't loose anyone.

Now looking at the time line the age of elven rule begins 6000 years before the wolfen appear. In the racial description of the elves it tells a little about there rule. It was only the first 4000 years that were considered the golden years. After that is when the tensions begin to mount.

So 2000 years before the first of the canine race appears we have the beginnings of a cold war between the elves and dwarves. With me so far?

Lets suppose that the elves actually wait for say another 1500 years before they start trying to amass an army to deal with the uprising. Now that still leaves 500 years to develop a warrior race to handle the dwarves and the other second class citizens who are causing trouble.

Now bomb! All of a sudden we have a new race that starts to appear in it's infancy stage. The wolfen, coyles, and kankoran. Now there is still a 2000 year gap until the actual beginning of the war itself but it's already been an additional 2000 years from the start of the cold war. That's a lot of time for tension to mount and it can probably be assumed by this time there have already been skirmishes between the 2 races.

So what we have on our hands is a race, the elves, trying to prepare for what some of the psychics you now have already seen coming. They don't know it but it's still 2000 years off once they get the first of the canine races developed. In a frenzy they start breeding this new and improved stock as fast as possible. A few escape and are seen so their existence is now public.

Meanwhile back on the home front it's really getting nasty. With only about 1500 to 1000 years left until the big blowout all elves are called back home to begin massing a defense. With the project not complete enough and the control factor now becoming an issue with these new races the elves cut their losses and head back home leaving them to fend for themselves. The wolfen at this point, for the most part, don't realize the they were nothing more then an experiment. To these naeve few the long lived elves seem like gods. So they take their meager handout of freedom and think it a gift that these gods believe them strong enough to survive without them for a short time. As the history is passed on to the next generations it looks to the wolfen as if the elves are their friends that were looking out for them. This is even more true once the wolfen realize that they aren't gods.

After that the war back home breaks out and all records of the project are destroyed along with other countless amounts of knowledge.

So how's that? I sure like the way it seems to fit the time line. These are also some of the premises that were played up in the game I ran when the players stumbled across information supporting this theory.

You'd also expect some mention in elven, dwarven or wolven history about the use of the canine races in the war. Since we've no evidence of such records we can only assume the wolven appeared and flourished in the north before any other races even ventured into the region.

I don't think they ever made it that far. Plus, even if they did, there was so much lost during that war it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to say these records were lost also.

So, still assuming that the elves created the wolven, what's the rationale? Why? How? Etc... I've got my own ideas, but they will always be implied, never revealed outright.

Lets look at it like this. The small and quiet kankoran would be fantastic for doing recon for an advancing army. They come from the quick whited and nimble fox background.

The coyles would be perfect for the suicide missions. Savage and to stupid to realize when they were charging head long into their own deaths.. These "dogs" would be great for softening up the enemies well fortified front lines.

Now the wolfen would be the commanders and the heart of the ground troops. Big, fast, tough, savage in battle, and smart! These would be the ones controlling the coyles and assaulting the weakest points of the defenses to crush those softened front lines.

The entire makeup is perfect.

We also have the equivalent of an air force in the works down in the jungles of the Yin Sloth. Know which race I'm talking about?

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