Why Do we Role Play?

By: The Laughing Lunatic

Posted On: Sep. 18, 1996
the Palladium Mailing List (the original Berkeley list)

I couldn't help but notice the way some of these flames are going and I feel the need to point something out. With all of this argueing about 'rules', 'munchkinism', and customising it seems to me that some of us have lost sight of why we play these games and why some of us feel compelled to make new rules, clarify old rules, and to develop new ideas for these games.

I role-play for fun, to escape every now and then from the 'real' world. I fell compelled to make new rules, and to clarify old rules because I don't agree with the way something is done, or I'm unclear about the way a rule is written, or I may have an 'outside' experience that would lead me to not like an interpretation of a rule or a specific ability. Until I try to force you to accept what I change as the almighty law then I am within my bounds to change the rules, and share the results with all of you as you are with me. If I do not agree with a change you have made in your game then I will not use it and will simply move on with my life. Is it wrong of me to expect any more or less of you?

We are all different people, with different backgrounds, it is that individuality that makes us and our games what they are. This list is not a place for the creation of gaming policy but, an open forum to discuss what we do and do not like about our chosen hobby. Additionaly we are fortunate enough to have representatives of Palladium who listen to our comments, questions, and ideas. We are even more fortunate that they are willing to add to our discussions and (at least I've noticed it) they take many of our comments seriously and try to 'adapt' for them in future supplements, and by clarifying rules.

Basically each of us runs or plays in our own games outside of the list and these discussions and contributions to the list are for us. If you choose not like any of my ideas, rules, etc. then please, I beg of you, do not feel obligated to use them in any way shape or form. If you are so inclined to dislike my work for specific reasons then by all means narrow in on those reasons and tell me, if I agree with you I will change whatever it is that offends you, if I do not however, agree with you, then feel free to make the changes in your own game and do not feel slighted because I do not agree with you.

I've said what I have to say, take it or leave it, what you do with it from this point forward is your own concern.

The Laughing Lunatic

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