Theories on the Evolution of Supernatural Organisms

By: Ghoull

Posted On: Sept. 10, 1996

I wrote this a while ago, when the thread on the evolution of Brodkil was raging. I sent it to Gargoyle, but I don't think it got to the rest of the list. Hope y'all like it. I'm also working on a piece about the evolution of supertnatural beings. The section on humanoids is almost complete (look for it on Saturday), but homework is chewing up much of the free time I normally use to write.

"Normal" evolution occurs on worlds like pre-Rifts Earth, where there is no magic, no supernatural predators, no atmosphere of ley line energy. The animals which we are accustomed to, as well as most SDC creatures, were evolved on mundane worlds such as these through standard Darwinian means, such as the survival of the fittest.

However, many, perhaps most, of the worlds in the Palladium multiverse boast of ley lines, and high amounts of rampant magical energies. These energies flow through and shape the creatures of their world, allowing them to evolve in ways no nonmagical creatures ever could. This is how supernatural abilities are formed.

For instance, on the homeworld of the Brodkil, the main prey of the humanoids is a type of horse-sized, flightless birds, with an acute sense of vision. They could easily spot incoming predators and flee. The Brodkil, in order to adapt with this, began subconsciously channeling the mystic energy flowing through them into invisibilty, so they sneak up on their prey. The Brodkil who could fade from sight the best got the most food and usually lived long enough to reproduce. So, over thousands of years, it became so that all Brodkil could turn invisible. The ones who could not eventually died out, unable to compete.

Humans are in the process of becoming supernatural beings, due to the coming of the Rifts and ley line energy. Note that Rifts humans are the only ones (I think) to have SDC, a sign that they are becoming tougher. Note that some humans are giving birth to supernatural young, such as the Earth and Star children of England. Over a period of about 1000 years, I believe that humans will be MDC creatures with innate magical powers.

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