Coherent Physical Theory of Magic
("Magic Through Science")

By: Colin D. Cashman

Posted On: May 17, 1998 09:51

Okay, since I've had one request for this, and I'm also extremely bored and desperately trying to avoid doing my philosophy take-home final, I'll send my theory along. :) It's in a very rough outline form, as I was (am) intending to write it up in an "official" paper format, and was attempting to put things down in a logical coherent order. It's still kind of rough, but... let me know what you guys think.

  1. Introduction
    1. Definition of magic:
      1. "The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the super- natural through the use of charms, spells, or rituals." - American Heritage Dictionary
      2. Palladium magic definition
    2. General statements
  2. Body
    1. Assumptions/premises about magic
      1. is the ability to manipulate the universe
      2. PPE is an unknown energy source that powers magic
      3. is presumed to follow some set of physical laws - must follow the laws of the universe, but not necessarily as we know them now
      4. PPE is electromagnetic in origin
    2. Aura and consciousness
      1. aura is where consciousness, PPE is generated/stored
      2. is bound to the body through the mind
        1. in natural state suffused throughout body
        2. certain events/powers can condense/sever the aura from the body
      3. mind/brain dual capacity - body regulator and attachment point for aura
      4. serves as "focusing lens" for the harnessing of PPE
        1. composed of PPE (life-based)
        2. bridge between reality and mentality that allows use of PPE
    3. Use of magic to cast spells/create magical effects
      1. how magic works
        1. based on quantum theory
          1. every event has probability of occurring
          2. forces an extremely unlikely event (the spell) into 100% probability that it happens
        2. the spellcasting process
          1. requires focus/concentration
          2. focus creates a brief alteration of the conscious mind
            1. slips into state of altered perception of the universe
            2. allows for the connection to the "aura" that enables the magic-user to draw upon his PPE, or the PPE in the environment
          3. altered perception
            1. each spell has its own particular viewpoint on universe, gets taught as major part of spell learning process *
            2. "raw magic" is a universal view that allows PPE to be used "on the fly" to create effects that are not predefined as spells
          4. PPE use
            1. PPE is drawn through the aura as a "function" of the altered viewpoint
            2. PPE is used to force probability to 100% occurrence
      2. spell learning
        1. spells can be taught vocally or learned through written material
          1. aura seems to be "instinctively" linked to some general magical knowledge base, and hence seems to be able to understand the rudiments of new spells easily (learning the proper frame of mind comes very easily)
          2. takes many years of tutelage to be able to develop the aura to the point that shifting, even temporarily, to an alternate perception comes easily
          3. much of apprenticeship is spent engaged in mental exercises designed to make apprentice see the world differently than he or she is accustomed to
        2. more powerful spells require more radical shifts of perception, hence are harder to learn (even with the "extra" help of the aura)
    4. "Monkey Wrenches"
      1. Sentient magic (Nightbane?)
        1. aura is PPE, thus magic in nature
        2. aura can also possess a consciousness
      2. Magical items
        1. all items have an aura (object read), though not a consciousness
        2. magic items have an altered aura that has a predefined "viewpoint" (imposed by the creator during the creation process)
        3. magical matrix bears some similarities to the aura of a living creature, but does not necessarily bear a consciousness
        4. Rune weapons possess an altered aura, but also trap a "true" aura inside. Hence, the weapon itself is sentient, and can use/deny its powers (because the intelligence inside does not wish to use them)
      3. The Supernatural
        1. creatures possess an aura as well, but are formed from a magical "mold".
        2. that "mold" outlines the abilities of the creature
      4. The "Mirrorwall" (Nightbane)
        1. does not fit into theory (don't understand concept well enough to attempt integration)
        2. outside normal space-and-time - does not necessarily need to obey *any* laws
      5. "Transfer Magic" spell (Rifts Main Book)
    5. Examples
      1. Technology
        1. Lone Star (secret rift device)
        2. Japan (teleportation device)
        3. Beyond the Supernatural (rift generators)
        4. Technowizardry
      2. Magic
        1. Earth Warlock spell ("Transfer Intellect??")
      3. Other
        1. Transferred intelligences


Astral Plane as a higher dimension ("hyperspace")??

Psionics vs. Magic:

Psionics are a product of brain structure. Because the brain structure heavily influences the manner in which the aura attaches to the body, altered brain structure can produce internal ways of an "altered perception" - more akin to having a higher degree of 'integration' with the universe, and thus being more capable of interacting with it on a higher level than others - psionic powers.

Magic is a state of altered perception, etc. (see above).

The distinction is that psionics are an innate, "inner" ability that is possessed by the recipient. Magic is a learned, "outer" ability, more like a skill. While both draw thier roots from the aura, they are utilized in different ways. In terms of thermo-dynamics, both require vast amounts of energy. Magic is more of a "physical" energy, in that it requires a body. Psionics do not necessarily - brain structure seems to permanently "warp" the aura, and hence if it is separated, it retains psychic powers. What exactly distinguishes "warping" biology from "non-warping" biology is unknown, although some studies point to unusual features of the cerebrum and cerebellum. How, exactly, the warpage occurs is, again, unknown, and is presumed to be part of procreation (natural or technological).

-- Colin

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