Advanced Darwinism, or Survival of the Super-Fittest

A Research Paper in Human Mutation and True Breeding
By Dr. Marcus Dayton, Ph.D, DSc, MD

By: Brice Daury
Created on: August 23, 1998

For years now, we've witnessed the rapid growth of superhumans within the population, humans mutated into new forms capable of superhuman feats and we've yet to fully discuss the implications of the mutations themselves upon the Human genepool. These mutations, whether they be due to inherent genetic aberration or as a response to outside stimuli, are an alteration of the body at the molecular level, thereby altering the DNA of the individual in question and this sort of mutation can be passed from parent to child. So now, the question is, are these mutations a recessive trait or a dominant one? Will all children of these mutations breed true and acquire their parent's adaptations? And are these adaptations themselves an actual positive adaptation in response to the environment, as Darwin might have claimed, or just the result of a random number of improbable variables all coming to bear? Is the Human Race at the next crux of it's evolution, or is it being beset by nonviable mutations that have no hope for continued procreation, or, perhaps the most exciting option, are we on the verge of a Split in the human race, into two equally viable races- Homo Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Mutari?

The evidence gathered to date seems to indicate that the mutations in question are an inheritable trait but appear to be recessive, as not all offspring of such beings appears to carry these traits, and indeed, there are cases of siblings where one has bred true while the other has not, possibly carrying the mutation in a latent form just waiting for the right stimuli to manifest it. As to the question of whether or not mixed-mutation coupling can produce both parent's powers in the child, the evidence to date suggests that the answer to this question is no, as far as can currently be determined, these offspring either produce one or the other parent's mutations or are born with a new mutation altogether, though it is commonly related somehow to the parent's traits.

On the note of human and alien breeding, contrary to past belief, it appears that in rare (1 in 1000 chance), aliens of entirely human phenotype (humanoid with NO altered features) can indeed breed true with humans, providing and equally viable and fertile hybrid offspring. This study however, is still in the very earliest stages and it's findings are still subject to further testing. By all accounts, there have been only two recorded incidents of such True Breedings- both of which resulted in children who appeared fully human in all ways, even down to DNA, but who seemed possessed of special traits unique to them, as if the act of hybridization itself acts as a mutating stimuli upon offspring.

Actual chances of breeding true for mutant traits is, at best guess, based on a number of things, but appears to be around 50% for the offspring of two mutants or 15% for a single-mutation offspring. In these cases, there appears to be an additional 10% chance that the child will have the mutation but that it will be dormant and require outside stimuli to manifest said mutation. There appears to also be a slight (96-00% on d100) chance that the offspring will be nonviable and stillborn or miscarried. Perhaps a statistic that more superhumanly-endowed individuals should know about before attempting to procreate. As always, study into this phenomena will continue and when updates on the research become available, they will be reported.

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