The Armory

A gigantic 12 story (plus 6 floors that are under ground and are only known to the most loyal workers) modern building of reinforced M.D.C. Material (700 M.D.C. per quarter inch area) that covers 4 square miles. It is the most well equipped store for all of one's adventuring needs. It has 4 fussion reactors that is at the exclusive use of the Armory. They located on sub-basement level 5 and have 8,000 M.D.C. each. The building is surrounded by a moat that is 100 feet across and 60 feet deep for protection against vampires.

Services include weapon repair, energy clip recharging, body armor restoration, power armor repairs, and general mechanics. They also have the worlds most well stocked store in that they have some of the rarest weapons, armor, power armor, and robots in their standard inventory. If they do not have what you want they can get it for you within 6 weeks. This will cost you a 20% increase on the base price. If you don't want to do this they will find it for you and tell you were it's at for a 2.5% commission. Prices on everything are standard to 5% less.

Custom robots, vehicles, power armor, etc. Can be repaired for price plus 5%. They can also make to your specification any robot you want for price plus 15% to 35% depending on complexity. Takes from 3 to 10 weeks or longer.

Equipment: Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, cloth and leather sacks of all sizes, saddlebags, riding tack, plastic, clay and glass jars and containers, canteens, wineskins, portable stoves, lanterns, flashlights, lighters, flares, cutlery, string, rope, wire, spikes, grappling hooks, insect repellents, pocket sewing kit, pocket tool kit, gasoline, kerosene, knee boots, leather and cloth gloves, hiking boots, fishing nets, fishing poles, fishing line and hooks, SCUBA gear, paddles, life preservers and similar outdoors items. They also have all sorts of gems (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc.), crosses, TW storm/globe of day light flares, and many valuable metals (gold, silver, platnium, etc.).

The Armory produces a wide range of Military Vehicles, Military Weapons and Custom Equipment for both Fort Knox and outside sales.

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