The Armory - Water Moccasin

Background by: Michael S Choi

The Water Moccasin like its namesake is a vicious creature. Only instead of filling its prey with venom the Cobra small fast attack craft is catamaran "swamp" boat traveling several inches above the water-courtesy of its shrouded fan engines. Still as an air boat this Cobra platform has the ability to streak across shallow water at something excess of 50, 60 knots giving it run for its money against Joe assault hovercraft.

While lacking open ocean wave pounding ability to sail in its environment the Water Moccs are deadly and have often been found in places where snakes like to hide out. And reportedly many have been seen operating in the Lousinan Bayou, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Florida Keys and Everglades.

In terms of firepower the Moccasin doesn't disappoint although its detractors will note that the twin torpedo launchers have poor range compared to modern antiship missiles like the McDonnell Douglas Harpoon or the French MM40 Exocet. In addition secondary firepower includes twin fifties or single 40mm automatic grenade launchers on cupolas and optional 2.75 inch or Matra rocket pods or even anti-tank missle pods in addition to the pair of "fish" mounted on the keel.

Joe commanders have dealt with the Cobra maritime assets by establishing aeronaval superiority but moving in troops onto the beach still proves diffcult with these lethal craft roaming the coastal areas.

The Water Moccasin is a fast attack craft that is used in shollow lakes and rivers. It only needs 2 feet of water when it is moving. To come to a stop it is recomended that it be in at least 5 feet of water.

It is used as a light costal defender and as scouts for larger and heavier armed ships.

Vehicle Type: Air Boat
Crew: 2, and up to 4 passengers

M.D.C. by Location:
   *Main Body - 500
   Reinforced Pilot's Compartment - 150
   Reinforced Gunners Compartment - 150
   Spotlight (2) - 80 each
   Reinforced Front End - 200
   Particle Beam Cannons (shielded) - 125
   Laser Cannons (2) - 80 each
   Mini-Missile Launcher (2) - 100 each
   Fan Sheild - 225
   Fan - 50

*If the M.D.C. of the main body is depleted, the vehicle is destroyed.

Statistical Data:
Speed: 150 mph in water
Range: Unlimited
Length: 15 ft
Weight: 2 tons
Main Engine: Nuclear, life span of 10 years

Special Equipment
Radio: Range: 250 miles
Radar: Range: 50 miles
Combat Computer: With heads-up display
Thermo-imager: An optical heat sensor that allows the infrared radition of warm objects to be converted into a visible image. Enables the pilot to see in darkness, shadows and through smoke. Range: 2000 ft
Radiation Shielding
Sonar: Range 20 miles

Weapon Systems

  1. Rapid Acceleration Particle Beam Cannons (2): 1 mounted on each side of of the body. They have a 45 degree angle of fire up. To shot to the left or right the ship has to turn around. These weapons were designed for anit-ship/shore bombardment.
    Primary Purpose: Assault
    Secondary Purpose: Defense
    Mega-Damage: 2D6x10+20 M.D. per blast per cannon.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks of the copilot.
    Range: 11,000 feet (about 2 miles)
    Payload: Unlimited.

  2. Variable Frequency Laser Cannons (2): These cannons are mounted in a turret. They have 320 degree arc of fire and 50 degrees up or down.
    Primary Purpose: Assault
    Secondary Purpose: Defense
    Mega-Damage: 6D6 M.D. per shot or 1D6x10+20 M.D. per dual blast.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks.
    Range: 4000 ft
    Payload: Unlimited

  3. Mini Missile Launcher (2): There is a mini missile launcher mounted on each side of the Water Moccasin for use against flying power armor and other airborne threats.
    Primary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Armor, Anti-Monster.
    Secondary Purpose: Defense
    Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type.
    Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of 2, 4 or six.
    Range: Varies with missile type.
    Payload: 10 mini-missiles per launcher for a total of 20.

  4. Torpedo Launcher: This is mounted on the bottom of the air boat.
    Primary Purpose: Anti-Ship
    Secondary Purpose: Defense
    Mega-Damage: 2D6x10 M.D. each
    Rate of Fire: One at a time or volleys of 2.
    Range: 22,000 feet (about 4 miles)
    Payload: 2 torpedos

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