The Persistence of Time

by Jim Cannon

Table of Contents

Chapter One: "Whole Lotta Trouble"
Chapter Two: "Ready, Steady, Go"
Chapter Three: "Here it Comes Again"
Chapter Four: "Castles Made of Sand"
Chapter Five: "Flying Dutchman"
Chapter Six: "Gettin' in Tune"
Chapter Seven: "Milquetoast"
Chapter Eight: "From Out of Nowhere"
Chapter Nine: "Into the Trap"
Chapter Ten: "Down in a Hole"
Chapter Eleven: "Born on the Bayou"
Chapter Twelve: "Blood Roses"
Chapter Thirteen: "The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)"
Chapter Fourteen: "Velvet Goldmine"
Chapter Fifteen: "Smash the Mirror"
Chapter Sixteen: "Pretty Noose"
Chapter Seventeen: "Cygnet Committee"
Chapter Eighteen: "Hero of the Day"
Chapter Nineteen: "Bulls on Parade"
Chapter Twenty: "Time After Time"
Chapter Twenty-One: "People of the Sun"
Chapter Twenty-Two: "Scarecrow"
Chapter Twenty-Three: "Fell on Black Days"
Chapter Twenty-Four: "Dead Souls"
Chapter Twenty-Five: "As Heaven is Wide"
Chapter Twenty-Six: "The Necromancer"
Chapter Twenty-Seven: "Drums of Heaven"
Chapter Twenty-Eight: "Third Eye"
Chapter Twenty-Nine: "Connection"
Chapter Thirty: "Fresh Tendrils"
Chapter Thirty-One: "Tighter & Tighter"
Chapter Thirty-Two: "Is It in My Head"
Chapter Thirty-Three: "Heaven Knows"
Chapter Thirty-Four: "Agent Orange"
Chapter Thirty-Five: "Everlong"
Chapter Thirty-Six: "Everything's Ruined"
Chapter Thirty-Seven: "Mirror in the Bathroom"
Chapter Thirty-Eight: "El Matador"
Chapter Thirty-Nine: "Aenema"
Chapter Forty: "Time's Up"

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