Rifts® Time Line

Compiled by Demandred The Forsaken

* Indicates approximate date

Date Event
A hell of a long time ago The creation of the Megaverse and a lot of other things
??? First climb out of the primordial ooze
??? Cosmic Forge created
60,000,000*B.C. Life on Gemini 2 totally wiped out
50,000,000* Gemini 1 irradiated by powerful P.P.E. storm
5,000,000* Center on Phase World is built
??? Mechanoids created on Homeworld
??? Mechanoids wiped out
50612* Splugorth discover Kydians
47000* Xy the Great Old One is transformed into Thoth
Dominators try to create genocide for the races in the 3 galaxies
35613 Splugorth discover Kittani
10000 Nazcan Empire flourished
7,000 Warrior tradition of the Kreeghor started
6000* Second Epoch of Magic begins
5612* Lo Li journeys to Earth
3090 Rahu-men establish community in Himalayas
3000* Machinist race flourishes Machinist peoples attacked by Star Hunters
Cosmos Knights and other champions of good declare war on the star hives almost totally wiping them out
2000 Prometheans change Center into an interdimensional trading center
Splugorth try and attack center and fail
Terra Prime becomes space worthy
1500* Chiang-Ku leave Earth
15?? Daisho of the Relentless Warrior forged
286 According with legend Mt Fuji rose out of a quite valley in a tremendous earthquake
101 Nazcan Shamans return from other dimension and with those from Earth prepare to defend the Earth from the Arkhon invasion
100 Arkhons try and invade Earth and are repelled by the Nazcans line drawings
272 A.D. Library at Alexandria destroyed
387* Splugorth conquer Altarans
700 Almost all trace of Nazcan civilization is gone
1100* Vampires invade Northern Europe
1200* Inca gods and demi-gods rift to Earth
Inca culture appears and is started by the Pantheon of the Suns demi-gods
Inca gods revert to a stasis sleep in order to regenerate damage received in a previous battle
1290* The Megaversial Legion first appears
1300* Tarnow Crystal discovered in Poland
1387 Olympian Club founded
14?? The Godess Ameratsu leaves the Bushi Federation
The Olympian Club is founded
1492 Columbus discovers America
1600* Tarnow Crystal lost in river
16?? Quetzalcoatl the Rebels first reappearance on Earth since fleeing
1776 United States of America becomes a free country
1851 Ley line activity begins on Mars
1859 Darwin publishes _On the Origin of Species_
188? Tlazolteol poised as a madman in California
1903 The Wright Brothers make first powered flight
July 16, 1945 First atomic bomb detonated at Alamagordo
1953 Watson & Crick create the first model of DNA
1956 Ley line activity on Mars ends
October 4, 1957 USSR launches Sputnik
196? Tlazolteol was a revolutionary in Central America
1963 Victor Lazlo meets Lo Fung in Korea
July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong sets foot on the Moon
1973* Robert Nois invents microprocessor
Nov, 1976 Megamouth shark is discovered
1977 Victor Lazo publishes _Worlds Within Worlds_
Demandred the Forsaken is born
1981 Victor Lazlo publishes _Splintered Souls and Broken Auras_
Dec, 1984 Victor Lazlo is rifted to Rifts Earth
198? Tlazolteol poises as a high class girl
1987 Victor Lazlos last words are published
1990 General Henry Smiths first encounter with the Dreamer
1998 Splugorth attack the Gods of India
2004 Colonel Arthur Savags 7th Armored Calvery is rifted from Earth and turned into warrior slaves for the Dakir
2024* Golden Age of Man begins
2061* Mindwerks signs contracts with Psytronics to research M.O.M. implants
2069* Golden Age of Man ends
2071 Mindwerks sued over M.O.M. process
2086* Battle of Guada Marta in South America
2095 U.S.S. Ticonderoga is built in a Top Secret military shipyard in the American Empire
The Experimental Arcology of Patagonia city is built
December 22, 2098 The Great Cataclysm begins
Post Apocalyptic Dark Ages begin
Mt. Fuji erupts and grows an additional 600 feet
Many cities in Japan are rifted into a limbo dimension
City of Manoa is rifted back to Earth
Mutant cats from Project Achillies implement their plan and escape from compound
Werebeast and Mutant cats from Project Achillies perform ritual and rift the city of Omagua to Earth
Ancient Inca Undead start to come back to life and wander South America
The Experimental Arcology of Patagonia city, city with high powered mages, and a city from Wormwood city is rifted from a parallel Earth to Rifts Earth, South America
January, 2099 Mindwerks complex in Poland scheduled to open
2099 First Millennium Tree begins to grow
2100* Lizard Mage Rifts to Earth from the Palladium world and starts to bring other Lizard Men over and forms community
2108* Plague kills survivors at Aberdeen
A.R.C.H.I.E. goes into hibernation
??? Mechanoids re-emerge
2121* Captain Nemo Dobson takes the Ticonderoga out in search of other civilizations
Captain Nemo and dive crew are transformed by energies from a rift turning them into Sea Titons
2130* Most of the New Empire in Japan is converted to the Shinto Religion
2137* Techno-Zombies are first created by the Vallax aliens
2150* First Horune Pirated arrive on Rifts Earth
2154* Angel Herrenisel emerges from Mindwerks complex
Angel Herrenisels new community of humankind is attacked by a neighboring city-state
Angel Herrenisel and the Angel of Vengeance are converted into full conversion borgs
2158* Mindwerks begins kidnapping humans
2165* Mindwerks aligns with Brodkil Empire
2180* First gathering of Lizard Men in South America
2188* Grizzly Carter is rifted to Earth
2194* The Great Cataclysm ends
2198 Splugorth invade Atlantis
2198* The New German Republic forms
2200* The Lord of the Deep becomes active again
2208* A.R.C.H.I.E. awakens and murders humanoids
A.R.C.H.I.E. goes into hibernation
2224* Nationalization sweeps orbital stations
2230* First Elven community is founded in Europe
2258* A.R.C.H.I.E. awakens and forms "God" community
"God" community destroyed by Splugorth
2275* La Fortaleza is built
2283 KLS deploys Glitter Boy Mark III
2286 Post Apocalyptic Dark Ages end
2287 Celtic Gods and Fomorians reappear in Scotland
2290A.D./1 P.A. Post Apocalyptic Calendar begins
Pharaoh Rama-Set takes control of the Phoenix Empire
New Empire exploded into power
Juicers start making their return after the Great Cataclysm
3 The Bloody Campaign
Mind Bleeders appear in Europe
10* Ghost World discovered in the Transgalactic Empire
12 Federation of Magic invade Chi-Town
CS begins the invasion into the Federation of Magic
Refugees of the war start to go to Kingsdale
15 Tritona emerges from the Dark Ages
Refugees from the CS invasion into the Federation of Magic stop going to Kingsdale
18 Achillies Republic starts to form
20 Italo Industries is founded
21 Cyber-Knights appear in North America
25* Battle for Axis-5 begins between the Freedom Fighters and the Transgalactic Empire
26 KLS deploys Glitter Boy Mark IV
D-center at Azlum opens The Portal
30 Triton starts trade with other human and D-bee populations
Factories are built in Kingsdale
* Second gathering of Lizard Men in South America
32 Kingdom of Tarramore founded
37 Erin Tarn is born
February, 38 The Gargoyle Empire invades the NGR
40 No Juicers are officially left in the Quebec army
September 2, 41 Mrrlyn reappears in England
43 Marsalis joins Mindwerks
George Hornesby is born in Newtown
45 Enhancement Clinic is opened in Kingsdale
46 Karl Prosek born
50 The Dakir move the Megaversial Legion to Rifts Earth
The Republic of Santiago comes into existence
* Ralph the Destroyer - Holy Terror is Rifted to Earth
51 Hera slaughters True Atlanteans
Sunaj begin to eliminate True Atlanteans
* NGR deploys X-500 Forager Battlebot
53 By this time the goals and actions of the Coalition military and the Coalition government can not be distinguished
55 Joseph Prosek forms Coalition States
60 Triax makes first contact with Coalition States
61* Subs formed in Ciudad Juarez
63 _Humankind's Rise From Chaos_ published
67* CS develops "Dead Boy" armor
68 CS attempts to contain Magic Zone
Megaversial Legion mutinies against the Dakir
73 Cyber-Horsemen arrive on Earth
Vladapar establishes himself in Europe
Erin Tarn writes in her journals about the Tree of Darkness
74 Arkhons try and attack Earth again and fail due to some serious miscalculations
78 Joseph Prosek II born
UAR-1 deployed by CS
Erin Tarn writes _A Study in the Corruption of the Soul_
79 Erin Tarn writes on the Mysteries of the Sea
Alchemist Regies begins testing propabilities of dragons blood in order to make Juicers
Powder Keg military outfit store is opened in Newtown
* Holy Terrors first appear in Wormwood
80 Rumors of the Grim Reapers cult have started to surface
* War between the Consortium of Civilized Worlds and Free World Council against the Transgalactic Empire is ended
* Third gathering of Lizard Men in South America
81 Xiticix appear in North America
NGR deploys XM-270 "Mosquito"
81* NGR deploys X-10A Predator
Wyatt Halloway begins to rebuild El Paso
82 Last humans on Mars perish
83 NGR develops EIR program
85 Ultratech Incorporation is started
Battle of Humari
The Coalition States creates Psi-Net
Lieutenant Colonel Carol Black takes charge of Psi-Net
* The Revenge of Blood begins against Chi-Town
87 Pre-Rift cities of Japan pop out of their pocket dimension and back to Earth
88 The Battle of Eagle Peak
88* The Revenge of Blood ends
90 Prototype of the Defender power armor is built
First advanced factories in Newtown go online
* Dr Heinrich Rommel leaves Mindwerks and sets up a Body-Chop-Shop in CS
August, 90 Doc Reid forms Reid's Rangers
91 Gilgamesh the Wanderer appears
93 Arkhons defend themselves against a threatening attack from Cordoba
First Techno-Wizard M.O.M. system is developed by Professor Nostrodamus Cervantes for Crazies
94 NGR deploys X-535 Hunter
King Peter Wojtla discovers Tarnow Crystal
Victor Lazlo is rifted to the NGR
95 Simple Power Armor suits go into production in Newtown
* Naruni Enterprises discovers Earth
96 NGR deploys X-545 Super Hunter
Freya is kidnapped by Hera
96* Corellion forms the Sons of Quetzalcoatl
97 Dr. Gray Matter created at Lone Star
King Arr'thuu takes the throne of New Camelot
Sir John Brisbane publishes _A True Account of my Experiences with in the Well of Wisdom_
Newtown starts reproducing replicas of Northern Gun and Wilks guns and armor at cheaper prices
98 KLS deploys Glitter Boy Mark V
Erin Tarn writes on her encounter with a Lorica Wraith
99 Otomo corporations band of sorcerers discover Techno-Wizardry
Royal Casino is built in Newtown
Last time that La Fortaleza was beseiged
June 12, 99 Coalition embassy goes to meet with Newtown delegates
100 Erin Tarn writes _Traversing Our Modern World_
Tritona becomes a major trading port in the Pacific
A large majority of Atlanteans have moved back to Earth and settled in Manoa
Solar Combat Armor is assembled in Arequipa
Larhold population is reported to be over a million and still growing
* Intruders appear in the three galaxies
101 CS deploys Skelebots
Record time in Murderthon is set in Los Alamo
Newtown is given membership in the Coalition States
May, 101 Erin Tarn journeys to Mexico
Spring, 101 Erin Tarn is rifted to Wormwood
August, 101 CS troops dispatched to Minnesota
102 Edict of Planetary Distress issued by Plato
A.R.C.H.I.E. summons Mechanoids to Earth
CS deploys Nightwing Attack Aircraft
Report from Captain LeFerre of the Quebec CS Navy on encountering the Lord of the Deep and the U.S.S. Ticonderoga
Los Alamo institutes open door policy
Los Alamo comes up with the idea of an International League and championship games start
Fort El Dorado becomes part of the Coalition States
Newtown delegation travels to Chi-town to form plans for the Prometheus Treatment
November, 102 Professor August Cudbury of Lazlo, sends his first transcript back to Lazlo
103 Free Quebec negotiates trade deal with NGR
NGR deploys T-550 Glitter Boy
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appear in Africa
The Gathering of Heroes
Katrina Sun joins the Gathering of Heroes
Second International League championship is held
Gargoyle Empire prepares for offensive
Mega-Juicer Julian takes control of the Juicer Army of Liberation
Assassination attempt on Arcadia of the Kingsdale Senate
Hyperion and Phaeton Juicer conversion process is available at Los Alamos
Uti Builds Body-Chop-Shops in Fort El Dorado and offers almost every type of Juicer conversion
* CS deploys Grinning Skull Main Battle Tank
* Field test for the new Coalition army begin
March, 103 Professor August Cudbury of Lazlo, sends his second transcript back to Lazlo
May, 103 Professor August Cudbury of Lazlo, sends his third transcript back to Lazlo
Erin Tarn is rifted to England
July, 103 Professor August Cudbury of Lazlo, sends his fourth transcript back to Lazlo
August, 103 Professor August Cudbury of Lazlo, sends his fifth transcript back to Lazlo
September, 103 Professor August Cudbury of Lazlo, sends his sixth transcript back to Lazlo
Autumn, 103 Erin Tarn journeys to the NGR
December 9, 103 Intel. Op. G15 suggests CS alliance with NGR
104 Erin Tarn publishes _Wormwood, A Distant Land_
First Deadball championship is held
International League championship is canceled due to the fact that the visiting team being attacked by Wild Vampires
Naruni trading delegation goes to Los Alamos to set up shop
Test for the Prometheus Treatment are finished
December 13, 104 First official announcement by Joeseph Prosek on the Prometheus Treatment
105 Third International League championship is held
CS CTX-54 Fire Storm Mobile Fortress is built
March, 105 Word of the alleged agreement about the Coalition giving the Prometheus Treatment to all Juicers
Late, 105 The Juicer Uprisings
Techno-Zombies and the Phoenix Juicers first appear
Autumn, 105 Erin Tarn writes on the Coalition States Campaign of Unity
Coalition States begins their Campaign of Unity
106 Second Deadball championship is scheduled to be held
Maxi-Killer Juicer process will be available in Splugorth Body-Chop-Shops
               This was made by Demandred the Forsaken
     Lord of the Megaverse
     I Return\

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