Talent Rules

Created by: Nick Bright

Just something I've been thinking of lately, so I present to you all my rules for determining talent in Palladium RPG's. This should work for most of Palladium's systems, so...

Roll a percentile once for each skill when a character gains that skill (so these rolls will be done at first level for most skills, and a couple of times at later levels when new skills are learned). 1-5% means the character is naturally talented at that skill. 6-00% means that no true talent. If the character is talented in a centain skill roll on the following table to determine how much 'talent' the character posses. All bonuses are a one time bonus added when the skill is first aquired.

01-50% Marginal Talent +1D6% to that skill
51-80% Fair Talent +1D10% to that skill
81-90% Great Talent +2D6% to that skill
91-97% Increadible Talent +2D10% to that skill
98-00% Amazing Talent +3D6+6% to that skill

GM's may want to set a limit of a character only having a max of 1D4 or 1D6 skills in which the character can be talented in, otherwise a streak of luck may create an overpowered character. For skills that do not rely on percentages (Hand to Hand, WPs, etc.), the bonuses are different.

For Weapons Proficiences:

For Hand to Hand or Vehicle Combat Skills:

A rough idea, and I'm not sure (yet) how to deal with skills like boxing, athletics, hunting, sinper either in the system. And don't you all make me start begging for comments!

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