Experience Points Option

Created by: Robert Chase

Here is an optional way of using experience:

Instead of using experience to determine levels why not let the player determine how to distribute experience points. This method would allow player to customize characters as they see fit. Disregard the level of any character and use the following table when distributing experience. Once spent on one of the options, it is gone permanently and can't be used again.


50 experience points per 1%
Hand to Hand combat skills cost 750 experience points to raise one level.
WP cost 500 experience points to be raised one level.
New skills can be learned by spend 100 experience points per 1%. This is a one time cost and the base percentage of each skill must be purchased. Hand to hand combat skills cost 2500 points for basic, 5000 for expert and 7500 for martial arts and assassin.


100 experience points to raise one spell one level.
New spells can be learned at a cost of 500 experience points per level of the new spell.
Tattoos count as a spell when increasing the level of the tattoo.


100 experience points to raise one minor power one level.
250 experience point to raise one major power one level.
Master Psionics can learn new minor powers at a cost of 2500 experience points and major powers at a cost of 7500 experience points.

Hit Points/M.D.C.:

75 experience points per one H.P./M.D.C.
S.D.C. can not be raise from experience.


100 experience points per one P.P.E. or I.S.P.
This includes Chi.


The player can modify one roll, be it combat, skill or other by spending experience points.
100 experience points for +1 to any one combat roll or 5% to any one skill roll.

I may need to adjust the experience point cost and would appreciate any and all comments.

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