General Detection Penalties

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There are many factors that effect the ability for targets to be detected. The factors include vehicles hiding behind, the target being behind the horizon, and the radar absorbent materials of stealth aircraft. This addresses any of these but is meant for medium and larger vehicle. Individuals are much smaller targets and must be treated with caution although these rules and suggestions can be partially applies to them as well.

Terrain Penalties

A common tactic for both aircraft and ground targets is to use the available terrain to reduce their chance of being detected. This table gives penalties for various types of terrain. Detect ambush skill can negate terrain penalties by detecting any damage to foliage or terrain, running and screaming people in cities, and disturbed animals. This cannot be done at long range, by radar, or while fast moving. In most cases, this cannot be done at night either. Do not add terrain penalties together, just use the highest terrain penalties. Visual penalties are based on the assumption that targets are of low visibility colors. Add a bonus to detection by visual means if this is not the case. Generally, visual detection without special equipment is virtually impossible over long distances but a full moon may allow some chance of detection through visual means.

Modified Stealth Penalties

Many vehicles are constructed out of material or have a coating of materials that absorb radar signals. These are very effective but there is a limitation that the stealth is less effective the closer the radar transmitter is to the target. This information is primarily listed for air vehicles but is also applicable to ground vehicle with a small amount of work. Most standard stealth aircraft have the same effectiveness the same effectiveness as the Coalition Talon Stealth fighter which has a detection probability of -80% to be detected. Terrain penalties are also listed and they can be used for non stealth aircraft as well as stealth aircraft. The effects of terrain are determined by the position of the radar unit as well. A Radar transmitter in the air or on a high hill or mountain will allow for far better detection of targets.

Read Sensory Skill

If the read sensory skill of an Individual or a system is about 98%, record how high above 98% the skill is and penalties are subtracted from that number.

Effects of Range

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