Enhanced Rules for Attribute Dice Bonuses

Created by: Dustin M. Ramsey

To qualify for an attribute bonus die, the attribute rolled must be higher than 84% of the maximum roll possible (Example: on 3D6, the average die roll is greater than 5).

The 'bonus die' that you get depends on how many dice you rolled. As such, characters getting a bonus on a 1D6 attribute (which happens 16.6% of the time) are going to get a bonus that is proportional to their attribute, and folks receiving a bonus on a 4D6 (which happens less than 1% of the time) roll is going to a proportionally larger bonus. The size of the bonus is formulated by making a ratio between the attribute being rolled and the base (which is 3D6, as supplied in the books). [In other words: this means that a 1D6 roll would have a bonus 1/3 the size of a 3D6 roll.]

The number of bonus dice you get, is equal to the number of dice you rolled for the attribute. [This uses that Conversion Book rule that if you roll a 6 on an exceptional attribute roll, you get another exceptional attribute.]

The end result is that the harder it is to get the exceptional roll, the more potential gain you have (so as difficulty goes up, so do the rewards)! This means that if you manage that one-in-a-million exceptional roll on a 6D6 attribute, you are going to get more than a lousy 1!

This table provides an alternative to the standard attribute bonus chart that provides a more proportional bonuses to a character based on original number of dice rolled for the attribute.
Number of Dice Rolled Exceptional Range Exceptional Bonus Maximum Exceptional Dice
1D6 6 1D6*(1/3) 1
2D6 11, 12 1D6*(2/3) 2
3D6 16 - 18 1D6*(3/3) 3
4D6 21 - 24 1D6*(4/3) 4
5D6 25 - 30 1D6*(5/3) 5
6D6 30 - 36 1D6*(6/3) 6
1D4 4 1D4*(1/3) 1
2D4 7, 8 1D4*(2/3) 2
3D4 10-12 1D4*(3/3) 3
4D4 13-16 1D4*(4/3) 4
1D8 8 1D8*(1/3) 1
2D8 15, 16 1D8*(2/3) 2
3D8 21-24 1D8*(3/3) 3
4D8 28-32 1D8*(4/3) 4
1D10 10 1D10*(1/3) 1
2D10 19, 20 1D10*(2/3) 2
3D10 28-30 1D10*(3/3) 3

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