Crossbreeding Rules

Created by: Brian Joyce

Alwright, here's the story. I was reading through Conversion Bk 1, when I realized how nonsensical that passage about crossbreeding was. I mean, Ogres, True Atlanteans, Demigods, Godlings, Zentran/Meltran, and even GODS can breed with humans and produce offspring, so why can't some of these other races do it too? To that end I wrote up these rules concerning how a crossbreed between a human and another race would look.

First: Just to make it simple, Humans are the only race which can crosssbreed with other races. This is due to the fact that Humans are considered the "Galactic Average" and are perfectly in the middle in terms of racial traits.

Second: Only Bipedal races (in their NATURAL form) with mammalian reproductive organs can reproduce with humans.

Third: Before anything else, roll a percent die to determine the character's culture:

01-20 Human: Both parents raised child in a human culture.

21-40 Non-Human: Both parents raised child in the non-human culture.

41-56 Outcast: Mother fled Father with child, since the mother couldn't understand the Father's culture/didn't want her child to be raised in it. Character raised in Human culture, with an intense hatred/dislike of his Father's race/culture.

57-72 Missing: Father raised child alone, never saw mother. Raised in human enviornment, character isn't aware he/she possesses super-human abilities! GMs go wild.

73-88 Denied: Non-Human Mother was "run out of town" by Human racists after child was born. Father either was killed, or actually supported the mob (secretly or unsecretly).

88-00 Wanderer: Non-Human mother was nomadic. She was captured and raped by, and later managed to escape from, CS soldiers. One of them is the character's father, who didn't realize he had a child. The mother died in childbirth. Child was raised by his mother's tribe (01-50) or by a kindly human couple (51-00).

Fourth: Stats changes as listed.

Alignment: If raised by humans, any, otherwise, same alignment restrictions as Non-Human parent race.

Attributes: For each attribute D6 rolled for the Non-Human parent race, average it with the human roll of 3D6. If the non-human race's attribute roll is sub-human, round up. Otherwise, round down. If a 1/2 a dice roll is determined, roll 3D6, and add 3 to it. Also, always add any single-number bonuses. (EX: A Half-Dwarf wishes to roll for PS. Looking in Conversion Bk 1, he sees an Dwarf's PS roll is 4D6+2. First, an average of the two attributes is performed. This leaves the person with a 3.5D6 to roll. Instead, a 3D6+3 is rolled. Since the Dwarf's original roll also had a +2 in it, the finishing roll is 3D6+5.)

Hit Points/SDC/MDC: Follow the guidlines of the parent Non-Human race.

Natural Armor Rating: 1/2 that of parent race.

Appearance and Horror Factor: Roll % dice:

01-25 Perfectly Human HF: None

26-50 As Non-Human Parent Race HF: As Non-Human Parent Race.

51-75 Special! Can shapeshift between one human appearance and one appearance in the Non-Human form. (EX: Take the Half-Dwarf again. If he/she rolled this, the character can look like a Dwarf and a Human. The appearance can change as well: Generally, the Human form takes after the Human parent, and the Non-Human form takes after the Non-Human parent. Note that other than these two forms, the character cannot do any other shapeshifting, except by magic). HF: None in human form, as Non-Human Parent Race when in that form.

76-00 Diminished Non-Human appearance: The character is basically human in appearance, but has all the visual qualities of his/her non-human race, but they are all very diminished (EX: A half-gromek would have small horns, a slightly green skin color, and a pair of wings, each as big as the character's head, and unable to support the character's weight). HF: 1/2 that of Non-Human Parent Race.

PPE: Average with Non-Human race and follow the same guidlines as with Attributes.

Natural Abilities: For Sight powers, range is halved.

Skill Bonuses: Same as Non-Human parent race.

NATURAL Magic and/or Psionic abilities at HALF EVERYTHING (Duration, Range, Damage, etc.) GM discretion.

Combat: As Non-Human race.

Bonuses: All 1/2 that of Non-Human Parent Race (round down).

Psionics: As Non-Human Parent Race.

Magic: If the Non-Human race members are natural spell casters, the crossbreed gets half as many spells (round up), and gains NO additional spells per level.

Average Life Span: Average of Human and Non-Human Race.

Available OCCs: As Non-Human parent race.

Skills of Note: If raised in a Human enviornment, as Non-Human Parent Race, but have no bonuses and are -20%. If raised in a Non-Human enviornment, as Non-Human Parent Race.

Allies and Enemies: As Non-Human Parent Race.

Height and Weight: Average between the two races.

Note: If a legal race is selected that is normally an R.C.C., with GM approval, select any O.C.C. with restrictions based on common sense.

Note: Generally, common sense should be used in great amounts when determining whether or not a race can reproduce with Humans. Vampires, Centaurs, Dragons, Giants, and Faeries are just a few of the restrictions that come to mind. As for the "Human" as one of the races, I suppose it is possible to fill in that category with Demigods, True Atlanteans, and Ogres, since they are all normally compatible with humans, but it is up to the GM. So, if anybody has any comments, criticisms, snide remarks, or flames, you should be able to reach me at my address before I leave Sat. morning, never to return for 3 weeks.

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