Conversion of the AR system
to the one used in the Compendium.

Created by: Chris Hubble

Subject: Assorted weapons, ammo, rules, etc :)

Also, some rules on armor degradation (this are off the top of my head, so they'll probably require some tweaking).

.50 Desert Eagle (I'm basing this off of the Auto Mag in the Compendium and what I've read about the .50 Desert Eagle)
Catridge: .50 AE, Damage: 6D6, PV: 6, Feed: 8 round mag, Weight: ca 4 lb,
Barrel Length: ?, Muzzle Velocity: ?, Approx. Effective Range: 50m (164ft)

Shotgun ammo (Slugs only; these may require some tweaking, as I'm again going by memory)

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