Way of the Forgotten Spirit

By: Brian K Partridge
Created on: May 26, 1998

As human augmentation reached new heights in Japan, Lei Chi-Aki grew to notice the complete irreverence given to the ancient kami of the islands. He knew that fighting would not teach the "techies" a lesson but the passion he felt for his fading culture grew more militant as the days drew on. He took his kung-fu lessons to a new level as anger found outlets in his art, but this outlet was soon overloaded by his rising animosity. It did not take his master long to notice the turmoil of his student's life and attempt to correct it. He took Lei aside after the others had left the dojo and counseled the young man by burning an ornately crafted bokken. Using this as a teaching aid his master told Lei what hatred could do to any fine thing.

Lei took this lesson to heart, but he held a renewed hope when he realized that his master had not told him to stop fighting for his belief. As a way of honoring his master, and recapturing the hope he held, Lei began to use a bokken when his mind was clouded with anger. After every such practice, Lei would meditate, seeking the kami of the weapon. In time, his mind became clearer than ever, his anger left him, and his bokken remained. This was the birth of Way of the Forgotten Spirit.

Shortly before Lei could open a dojo to teach his new form the Coming of the Rifts occurred. Lei survived the calamity but there was hardly time to teach martial arts to anyone afterward. Lei soon became one of a dozen staunch champions who fought many supernatural horrors. By the time Kyoto was founded, his art had reached another plateau as a premiere art for the combat of the supernatural. Lei had hundreds of pupils eager to learn his art, but he consented to teach only a few, based on the "kami-sent" dreams he was having at the time (latent clairvoyance).

After the first few were trained Lei, then around thirty-six, left the art to itself by retiring to the tops of Mount Fuji. More is to come on the evolving art so stay tuned.;)

Entrance Requirements: PP of 12, ME of 10, PE of 13
Training Time: 12 years
Costume: Training is conducted in a light robe similar to those used in Karate, accompanied by loose pants, and china flats. The pants worn by the instructor are always black with patterns of green embroidered about them, while those of the students vary from white (beginner) to earth tones or greens (advanced). Outside the dojo anything that allows free movement can be used.
Stance: The back leg is bent slightly at the knee, placing the foot perpendicular to the front foot (and body). The have two positions although the most common (i.e. more emphasized) one places the hands at the sides of the individual ready to spring into action when the first strike comes form the opponent. The less common one is used when the combatant has already begun the fight and has his bokken drawn. It places the sword arm (usually right) at a ninety-degree angle with the body, holding the sword across the face (at eye level), while the off-hand is in a knife hand position slightly away from the body.
Note: I don't know that this stance is very sensible. Can anyone help?
Character Bonuses:
+2 PP
+1 ME
+1 PE
+1d6 Spd
+10 SDC
+5 PPE (Chi)
Combat Skills:
Attacks per Melee: 3
Escape Moves: Break fall, maintain balance
Attack Moves: Leap, drop kick, body flip/throw
Basic Defensive Moves: dodge, parry
Advanced Defenses: Disarm, entangle
Hand Attacks: Strike, knife hand, karate punch (1d6+1)
Basic Foot Attacks: Kick attack, axe kick, crescent kick
Jumping Foot Attacks: None
Special Attacks (see below): Spirit Hand, Soul-striking
Holds/Locks: None
Weapon Katas: WP Bokken (use sword bonuses) at two levels higher than the level of the character.
Modifiers to Attacks: Pull punch, critical strike
Note: suggestions are welcome on bokken damage or moves. Since this is my first MA I probably need them! :)

Skills included in Training:
Martial Art Powers: Combination of Kangeiko and Shochu Geiko, and one Zenjoriki Power. (?)
Language(s): None
Skills: WP Bokken, Bodybuilding, Running
Spirit Hand: Once per melee round the practitioner may channel his energies into a hand strike. This strike does 2d6+PS bonus MD to supernatural creatures or, if HP/SDC, 2d6+4+PS bonus directly to hit points. This special attack will penetrate armor of all kinds, including powered armor. Any damage done by a "spirit hand" regenerates at half normal speed. However, this attack uses two melee actions and the user may not attempt another hand strike in that round.
Soul Striking: The practitioner may, at the beginning of a round, specify that he is soul striking for that round. From that point on all of his attacks are at -4 to strike, and he may not be holding any ranged weapons in his hands. Each time a blow lands the being struck looses 3d4 PPE and ISP (if applicable). Every other attack gives the creature back 1/2 of the absorbed PPE (and ISP) but it counts as a deathblow. Soul Striking cannot penetrate MDC materials but does work on MDC creatures.
Note: Are these too powerful, too weak? I wanted to give this martial art a capacity to fight the supernatural without being completely munchkin. Do these work as well as I think?

Level Bonuses

  1. +2 pull punch and break fall, +1 initiative
  2. +2 parry, +1d6 damage with any sword
  3. Add one action per melee, +1 strike
  4. Stun/Knockout on a natural 17-20, +2 disarm
  5. Tripping leg hook and backward sweep kicks, select one additional power from body hardening, special katas, or martial art techniques.
  6. +2 strike, +1 initiative, +1 pull punch
  7. Add one action per melee, +1 to all hand strike damage
  8. Select one additional power from body hardening, special katas, or martial art techniques.
  9. Double Chi (PPE), +1 disarm
  10. +2 damage from drop kick, +1 body flip/throw
  11. Add one attack per melee, +2 strike
  12. Automatic body flip/throw, +2 initiative
  13. +2 damage from all strikes, +2 disarm, +1 strike
  14. Add one action per melee, +2 maintain balance
  15. Select one zenjoriki, Deathblow on a natural 18-20

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