Advanced art of Invisibility: Shadow Copy

By: Zach Jackson
Created on: April 1, 1997

By a focus of the Chi of the Ninja, multiple shadows of his own body can be created that mimic his movement in every way. This art has been called the ancient art of splitting cat hairs by the chinese ninja (Lin Kuei), but is identical. The copy created an be confused for the real ninja in low light areas or if the ninja and the copys are moving in ways that are too fast to get a good look at them. The actual appearance of the copy is similar to a hologram and has a uncanny real look to it.

One of the uses that the ninja clans that used this art discovered is that the copies actually damaged Infernal demons in the physical or chi planes. This damage depends on the chi amount invested in the copy, every point of chi invested *extra* (not just the minumum to activate the power) does damage to creatures of negative chi equal to that investment per strike.

Ex: Wang creates three copies with five points of chi invested each. (15 total) He fights Owai the demon, who has 30 SDC and 30 negative chi points. Wang strikes with a punch to Owai, as do his copies. His strike does normal damage to the demons SDC, but his copies do 12 points of damage (15 total- three to keep power active) to Owai's chi.

If the Ninja's chi is reduced to zero, all copies vanish, even if they were invested with their own chi. The art then cannot be used again untill 1/2 or more of the ninja's chi returns.

Cost per copy: 1 point of chi per melee per copy. the copies must be charged for the duration desired, ie if you want the art to continue for three melees, invest three points in the copies, as they lose one chi point per melee. (note that this is positive chi only, negative chi will not work)

Also note: the copies are shadow, so they cannot do any damage to anyone who is not a negative chi creature.

Note 2: this art can be used against negative chi creatures in mind walk mode.

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