Advanced art of invisibility: Art of Body Switch

By: Zach Jackson
Created on: April 1, 1997

This is a old Ninja trick, to allow the foe or defender of a castle to strike at the ninja with a blow, and discover that the ninja was gone after the attack failed. usually in the place of the ninja was a object, traditionally a log or a statue. However in serious cases where the ninja has no such object, only the clothes of the ninja were left. After the art, the ninja, who was hiding at the time after the trick, usually ran away or counter-attacked the surprised foe, who usually had no idea where their enemy was.

This art involved in it's more effective form a mind trick, based off of chi zoshiki (chi invisibility), but used for a shorter time. Also the ninja must hide or run from the area of combat to use this technique, and leave behind some object to maintain the illusion that the ninja was still there.

Cost in chi: 4 points
mind trick lasts: 3 attacks (about 6-8 seconds)
Attacks used: 1 (can be used as a dodge)
chance of success: 50% +3% per level (rolled by the PC)

Note: this art must be combined also with prowl or another art of invisibility to avoid being seen. generally how it works is one attack is used to dodge (no bonus or penalty to dodge), one attack is used to hide (while enemy is confused and looking around) and one attack to take some action (run, fight, etc.) This art also can shield ninja from Chi awareness and Zanshin if the chi is doubled. (shields only for the 3 attacks)

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