Distinctions between Runes, Wards, Mystic Symbols

By: Midnght, Dark Step Tribe Wolfen Diabolist & Active Diabolist rights activist

Posted on: Sept. 23, 1998

Because Lord VorTEx asked: Actually this brings up an interesting question, for me anyway. What exactly is the difference between runes and wards? What distinguishes one from the other? Is there a distinction? Are circles the same as runes and wards but on a larger scale? Diabolism is related to rune magic but they are clearly not the same thing, or are they?

Well, any takers? Particularly you Midnght, you do run a school of diabolism (though I've never seen the inside).

Ok... There are definite distinctions in all three.

Runes are a highly magical archaic language. So much in fact that they radiate magical energy just from being written down on anything. Rune magic in my opinion probably has several rune symbols that are lost. But for the most it's the application of runes and rune symbols which imbues swords to become rune swords and allows the magical properties they consist of. This does not mean that such weapons do not incorporate wards and or mystic symbols mind you to make even greater magics by tieing the three types together. Even further rune magic probably helps to bind spell magics to weapons as well. Or maybe not.

Wards are a set of symbols that when empowered with magic they lie in wait sometimes for years before they are set off for the most part. Wards themselves when jotted down do not radiate magic at all. they must be empowered before they do so. Now the use of runes with wards so far as anyone knows merely allows a person to specify who should not be harmed by the ward. Mystic symbols are not known to do anything for wards. but this could be more knowledge that was destroyed.

Mystic symbols are what are used in summoning circles. No runes no wards. Which is why summoners do not know runes or wards only mystic symbols. Mystic symbols do not show any magic to them until they are placed in a circle and the circle activated. Now again it's highly likely that mystic symbols tied with wards and or runes is the greatest magic around.

In short all three are very separate forms of symbols Runes magical period no matter what you write them in. Wards and mystic symbols nothing but symbols until they are imbued with magical energies.

Which is why a Diabolist knows all forms of these writings and generally incorporates them into a secret language that only he can understand not to mention a possible code as well.

So the three are very different. If you put them rank of what is stronger magic. I think it would be such.

Rune magic is the strongest and much of it's use has been destroyed. Wards come next but even the use of wards is probably not at it's full extent either.

Mystic symbols I feel are the weakest as they need components to activate them into magic than Wards do. Plus the use of mystic symbols generally requires a sacrifice to ignite it's energies.

Runes are like writing in pure magical form.

Wards are symbols that when made with components and imbued with energy are instantly magical.

Mystic symbols are like the cross or pentacle or a symbol of the moon. They are parts of a ritual. And they add to the ritual to make things come to power.

This is my take on the three magical written forms.

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