Havoc's Marauders - Roster


Motto: God would have Mercy

Level OCC/RCC Name Alias Personnel Motto
20, 15, 12 Dragon Havoc aka General Havoc
20, 20, 20, 18 Demi-God Thanotos aka Death
10 Borg Joe Smith aka Wolverine Lets shred this tin can!

Aerial Squad

Motto: Over night delivery Guaranteed.

Level OCC/RCC Name Alias Personnel Motto
11 Turbo-Jocky Joe Conche aka Zeus
9 Veritech Pilot Name? aka Speed Faster!
7 Runner Jim Campell aka Ace Practice makes perfect.
6 Turbo-Jocky Greg Hunter aka Phantom Can't Hit what you can't see.
4 RPA Fly Boy Ace Joe Jocke aka Joke Hey! Have you heard this one?
2 Spacer Garet Jax aka Weapons Master

Bounty Hunters

Motto: Howl at the moon, shoot out the lights, small town Saturday night.

Level OCC/RCC Name Alias Personnel Motto
4 Wilderness Scout Frank Castle aka Punisher The guilty must be punished!
3 Warlock Marine aka Mask And my personal favorite a ...
3 Dogboy Flash aka Wolf
2 Dogboy Mutt aka Arf
2 Dogboy Goliath aka Bark
2 Wolven Quatoria aka Sheriff Nobody moves. Nobody gets hurt!

Heavy Artillery Squad

Motto: Gouge, Guzzle & Wench, for tomorrow we get gutted.

Level OCC/RCC Name Alias Personnel Motto
7 Veritech Pilot J.C. aka Major Chaos Life ain't fun without Chaos.
6 Destroid Pilot Bob White aka Boomer Bang, Bang!! Huh, huh.
5 Combat Borg Matt Cleary aka Hellraiser We have such sights to show you!
5 Glitter Boy Jan Williams aka Shiny
4 Robot Combat Pilot Doug Nickelson aka Smash Out'a my way! I'm coming through!
3 Robot Sarah Lee aka Corporal Punishment You think this is pain? I'll give you pain!

Special Forces

Motto: Damn, we waste more people that way!

Level OCC/RCC Name Alias Personnel Motto
7 Special Forces George Emerson aka Shadow All is not as it seems.
6 Marine aka Ghost Ever try to catch a ghost?
6 Martial Arts Shang Tsung aka Dragon
5 Temporal Warrior Ki'Tra
5 Military Specialist Rent Pepsi aka Snickers
4 Master Assassin Rocky Balboa aka God

Recon Squad

Motto: By the time you see us, you're dead!

Level OCC/RCC Name Alias Personnel Motto
7 Cyclone Rider Chris Johnson aka Ghost Rider Fire! he, he, Fire!
6 Shifter Kain Garrison aka Mad Mage
5 Warlock Marine Al'tor aka Cerebus
5 Mutant Darius Graystone aka Shrink Tell me about your mother.
4 City Rat John Smith aka Panther
3 Mind Melter Jennifer Garrison aka Physco

Support Personal

Motto: Over One Hundred Thousand left Dead & Wounded.

Level OCC/RCC Name Alias Personnel Motto
8 Cyber-Doc John Peterson aka Bones Damn it Man, I'm a doctor, not a . . .
8 Techno-Wizard Joean Freemen aka Ms. Wizard
7 Medical Officer Hans Gurdurg aka Dr. Giggles
7 Mechanic Linda David aka Gear Jammer Oh man, what did you do to this thing?
7 Comm. Officer Rick Hays aka Sparks
6 Weapons Eng. Smith N. Wesson aka Blade You call that a knife? Now this, is a knife!
5 Operator Mike Douglas aka Sprint
4 Cyber-Doc Bill Clay aka Moron Huh?
3 Bio-Maintince Eng. Bill Rogers aka Mechy More of your broken toys to fix, hmmm?

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