Fort Knox - City Outline

Terrain and Climate: Temperatures range from 35 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 60 to 78 degrees in the summer. Average annual rainfall is 35 inches.

Land Area: Fort Knox: The fortified city of Fort Knox covers a 225 square mile area and is slowly being expanded and built up. Fort Knox currently claims a 282,744 square mile area and includes many neighboring villages, farming and mining communities.

Estimated Population: approximately 5 million

Note: About 20% of the population knows magic.

Average Transient Population: 1D6 x 1,000 + 500

Tech Level: Advanced and Magic

Surrounding Communities (300 mile radius):
1 million (50% human, mostly farmers, sheep & cattle herders, miners & trappers, high tech level).

Fort Knox is located in the middle of what was once the old American state of Alaska. The fort was founded about 250 years ago by a borg named NiteMare. NiteMare was believed to have died 190 years ago but, known only to a select few, he still lives.

All people are welcome no matter if there pure human or D-bee's. The people of Fort Knox are a very close nit group. If someone intentionally hurts or kills a citizen then "compensation" is sought by the population.

The fort at first glance is an impressive structure with great marble pillars around the main gate. The gate itself is 40 feet high, 50 feet wide, and 30 feet thick. It's made of solid mega-damage material and offers 9000 M.D.C. of protection (each, two doors side by side 40x25x30). To hide this fact the outside of the door is covered in 6 feet of marble to make it look like stone. On both sides of the gate are two rune dragon statues that are programed to attack/defend whenever there is major trouble at the gate.

The walls of the fort are also made of mega-damage material. The walls are on average 250 feet tall, 200 feet thick and 15 miles (79,200 feet) long. The walls have 500 M.D.C. per cubic quarter inch (400,000 M.D.C. is needed to punch a hole through the wall that measures 1/4 inch wide by 1/4 of an inch tall). It is also covered in marble to continue the ideal that it is solid stone.

The walls enclose a large city. The city is like it came out of 21th century earth. Every building is made out of M.D.C material (including the windows) with at least 500 M.D.C. per 20 foot area (average is 800).

The community is pretty peaceful. Brawls are fairly common and to be expected. Anybody is welcome to become a citizen, but an extensive check of their past is done. Anyone with a questionable past is refused citizenship, as well as any CS soldiers/citizens. Ex-CS soldiers are all right. But they are watched to make sure that they are not spying on them. The possibility of having a coalition spy, or a spy from anywhere else for that matter, is a measly 1 in 50 million chance.

Fort Knox keeps a low profile and there for very few people out side of the area knows that it exists at all, and those who do don't spread the fact around. The Coalition, and NGR does not even know that Fort Knox exists.

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