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TW Agony Gun

Many people feel that the Agony Gun is unnecessarily cruel. Maybe it is, but do you really care how much pain the guy who just shot your best friend is in?

Warning: DO NOT use on Juicers, Crazies or masochists, Juicers and Crazies ignore pain well and will then kick your ass. A masochist will require a change of underwear.

Model: None
Cost: 60,000 credits
Weigt: 4 lb.
Spells Required: Agony(20), Energy Bolt(5)
Other Special Components: 1 quartz crystal, 1 opal (worth at least 400 credits)
Payload: 10 shots (15 PPE or 30 ISP for another 10 shots)
Rate of Fire: Single Shot
Range: 400'
Damage: 4D6 SDC + Save vs. magic 16 or higher

Save: No additional effects
No Save: As per Agony spell (8th lvl. str.)

*Note: This gun is very well balanced: +1 strike

Whip of Entrapment

This is a most rare item, prized by anyone who can aquirre it. The Whip has the incredible ability to disable anyone it traps for at least 30 seconds. This is a purely defensive weapon, not able to inflict damage upon it's target. The Whip is actually a modified Magic Net spell, trapping the victim as per the spell. When one button is pushed a 7' long tendril of energy extends out of the handle, when a person is struck the energy whip quickly wraps itself around the victim, binding them. Pushing a second button will detatch the energy whip from the handle leaving the victim bound and the attacker free to entrap another opponent.

Model: None
Cost: 80,000 credits
Length: 14" handle 7' whip
Weight: 1 lb. 8oz.
Spells Required: Magic Net(7)
Other Special Component: 1 Tourmaline (a dark-greenish stone) worth at least 7,000 credits
Payload: 4 Entrapments (20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P. will provide another 4 whips)
Rate of Fire: HtH
Damage: Special: None, dodge required.

Dodge: No effect
No Dodge: Trapped as per Magic Net spell (8th lvl. str.) with the following changes:
  The victim cannot move his/her arms/upper extremities.
  The victim cannot use guns, knives, swords or any other hand held weapon to cut/blast themselves free.

Confusion Grenades

Confusion Grenades are a simple concept. A Techno-Wizard grenade that uses the Confusion spell (combined with a Blinding Flash) to disorient the target(s) of the attack. The grenade is thrown, it will either a) go off after a three second timer from the time it is thrown or b) it will go off as soon as it strikes a solid object. It releases the Wisps of Confusion and Blinding Flash, if recovered it has the capacity to do this one more time before requiring a recharge.

Model: None
Cost: 16,000
Weight: 12oz.
Spells Required: Blinding Flash(1), Wisps of Confusion(40)
Other Special Components: 1 diamond (at least 1/2 carat), 1 sapphire (worth 400 credits)
Payload: 2 Flashes/Confusions (Requires the recovery of the intact grenade and 40 P.P.E. or 80 I.S.P. to recharge to 2 Flashes again)
Rate of Fire: 1
Area of Effect: 20' radius
Range: See strength chart for thrown items in main book
Damage: Special: Save vs. Magic 16 or higher

Save: No effect
No Save: -10 strike, -15 parry and dodge, 1/2 normal melee attacks, chance of falling over is 50% for every 10' travelled. These penalties last for the first 1D4 melees. For the next 9 minutes use these penalties: -5 strike, parry and dodge, 1/2 normal melee attacks.

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