Bob Brand Armaments - TW Stealth Suit


Sometimes referred to as the City Rat Tuxedo this one piece jumpsuit is a must if you plan on making it as a thief or spy. Worried about stepping on a twig or kicking an empty Psi-Cola Can? No need, this steath suit has a built in sound suppression system. Need to disappear real fast? No problem with the Shadow Enhancer feature. And when you're really in a bind the built in cloaking device is a life saver. Got to fast talk your way past the guards? No problem the Trust Enhancer can take care of that. So all of this is fine and good but what if you really get caught and they lock you up? Not a problem, the gloves have an automatic Houdini Device. All you'll ever need to make it the exciting world of theivery and espionage.

Model Number: S1-5
S.D.C.: 50
A.R.: None (does not provide proetection)
Weight: 5 lb.
Cost: 80,000 credits

Model Number: S2-5 ("Plain Clothes" Armor style)
M.D.C.: 12
A.R.: 15
Weight: 12 lb.
Cost: 95,000 credits

Spells: Invisiblity:Simple, Charismatic Aura, Shadow Meld, Escape, Globe of Silence.

P.P.E. to recharge (comes fully charged): 150

When fully charged the suit has the following powers:

  Cloaking Device has a 15 minute charge (Invisibilty: Simple)
  Shadow Enhancer has a twenty minute charge (Shadow Meld)
  Trust Enhancer has three charges each lasts for 6 minutes (Charismatic Aura: Trust)
  The Houdini Device has five charges (Escape)
  The sound suppression system has a total charge of 30 minutes

Hope you guys like it, there's more to come later...

    -Entropy Man
    "A man is not the whole of himself, his friends are the rest of him"

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