Bob Brand Armaments - Lethal Weapons

"For when the suspect is sleeping with your wife."

Vibro Mace

The Vibro Mace has become popular among mercenaries in recent years. It resembles a normal mace in general form, the head is a bit smaller and from it protrudes several long vibro spikes. The handle has two buttons 1 inch apart, both buttons must be pushed to generate the energy field.

Cost: 8000 credits
Weight: 3 lb. 4 oz.
Length: 26"
M.D.C.: 15
Power Supply: Type K Cesium Battery
Payload: 1 hour of energy field time
Damage: 2D6 S.D.+ P.S. bonus as a mace, 2D4+2 M.D. as an energized mace. If PS is Supernatural then an energized strike does 3D6 M.D. + Punch damage.

Giant Sized
Cost: 16000 credits
Weight: 130 lb.
Length: 6'4"
M.D.C.: 35
Power Supply: 4 Type G Cesium Batteries
Payload: 1/2 hour of energy field time
Damage: 6D6 S.D. + PS bonus for normal PS 30+, energized it does 4D6+2 M.D. for normal PS 30+. For Supernatural/Robotic PS it does 2D6 M.D. + Punch damage as a mace, energized it does 6D6+2 M.D. + Punch damage

Thermo Mace

This mace has no long spikes only a few very short ones. The head is very large and heavy for increased damage. This mace can function in 3 ways, as a normal mace, the head can be heated up to 850 degrees (about as hot as a soldiering iron) to do more damage, and to enormously increase damage it can use a thermal energy field.

Cost: 3000 credits
Weight: 5 lb.
Length: 30"
M.D.C.: 10
Power Supply: Type R Cesium Battery
Payload: 10 hours in "hot mace" mode, one hour of energy field time
Damage: As a normal mace it does 2D6 S.D.C. + P.S. bonus, in "hot mace" mode it does 4D6 S.D.C. + P.S. bonus and with the energy field it does 1D6x10 S.D.C. + P.S. Bonus

Assassin's Vibro Needle

It's an 8" needle used for stabbing the back of the neck and up into the brain. It is made more efficient by an energy field that can be turned on by pressing a small button on the end of the handle.

Cost: 4500 credits
Weight: 8 oz.
Length: 13" with handle 8" with needle(it is too small and it's handle is to small to be used in parrying anything larger than a knife)
M.D.C.: 2
Power Supply: 2 Type A Cesium Batteries
Payload: 15 minutes of energy field time
Damage:1D6 + PS bonus, 2D6 to HP when used on brain. With the energy feild up it does 1D4 - 1 M.D. If a 1 on the four sided is rolled then roll percentile 01-50% is 99 S.D.C. a 51-00% is 1 M.D.

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