Bob Brand Armaments - Capturing Weapons

Latex Launcher, while this has raunchier names given it by mercenaries, the latex launcher is an invaluable piece of equipment for a bounty hunter. The weapon looks like an oversized shotgun with a clip. Each clip holds twelve small cubes of compressed latex. When fired the gun decompresses and heats the latex as it goes down the barrel, erupting and 'globbing' the target.

Model: LL-10
Cost: 8,000 credits (200 per latex clip)
Weight: 6 lb. (clip wieghs 4 lb.)
Range: 75'
Rate of Fire: Single shot only
Power Supply: type R Cesium battery(48 shots of latex)
Payload: 12 cubes per clip 48 shots per battery
M.D.C.: 10
Damage: Special: The latex launcher entangles. It can only incapacitate one limb per shot. Any items held in that limb are useless. If the limb is a leg speed is reduced by 70%. The glob has 1 M.D.C. or 100 S.D.C., it is somewhat flexible as rubber tends to be, but firm enough to prevent anything other than minor jiggling of the limb. Any supernatural P.S. or a 'normal' P.S. of 30 or higher can rip/pull free in 2D4-1 melees. The limb can be cut free in 1 melee.

Micro-Stun Needles, another neural stun weapon, the Micro-Stun Needle Launcher appears to be a dart gun with an extremely narrow barrel. It fires 3/8" long needles charged with energy. While the charge in the needles is weaker than in most stun weapons saves get progressively harder per needle in the victim.

Model: MS-5
Cost: 8,000 credits (clips cost 80 credits)
Weight: 1 lb. 8oz.
Range: 450'
Rate of Fire: Single shot only
Power Supply: type G Cesium battery (enough power to fire 2 needle clips)
Payload: 20 needles per clip, can fire 2 clips per battery
M.D.C.: 4 (needles have 4 S.D.C.)
Damage: None for the needle (only the feeling of a mosquito bite) but side effects: Save vs. non-lethal poison 14 or higher

Save: No ill effects
No Save: -1 init., -1 attack, -4 strike, parry and dodge, -10% on skills, -10% to Spd, 10% chance of KO for 1D4 melees, affects are cumulative if a save is failed vs. more than one needle. *Note: -1 to save for each needle in the body

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