Bob Brand Araments - Anti-Juicer Neural Mace

As promised here is the Anti-Juicer Neural Mace. It's just a more powerful Neural Mace but it has some near fatal effects on normal humans. I also have some expanded stats for the normal neural mace. People wanted to see this stuff (I don't know why) so here it is.

Neural Mace
Cost: 3000 credits (The price has dropped since PA 101)
Model: NN-5
Weight: 3 lb.
Length: 26"
Power Supply: Type R Cesium Battery
Payload: 80 energized strikes
Damage: As per in the main book. Juicers will suffer half penalties, have no chance of being Knocked Out, and they only need an 8 to save. Humans have a 30% chance of KO every time they fail a save.

Save: No effects
No Save: 30% chance of KO, -8 strike, parry, dodge for 2D4 melees. Normal Humans need to roll a 20 to save vs. lethal poison

Juicer Neural Mace
Cost: 4200 credits
Model: NM-10
Weight: 4lb. 8 oz.
Length: 34"
Power Supply: Type R Cesium Battery
Payload: 40 energized strikes
Damage: 2D6+2 SDC plus Juicers need an 18 or better in a save vs. non-lethal poison.
Save: -2 attacks, no init., -10 strike, parry, dodge for 2D6 minutes
No Save: 2D6 HP damage, Lapse into a coma for 6D6+30 minutes

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