Newbie Test v. 3.5

  1. What was the original Palladium list's email address?
  2. ...the Palladium list's second email address?
  3. ...the Palladium list's third email address?
  4. ...the Palladium list's fourth email address?
  5. ...the Palladium list's fifth email address?
  6. What was the handle and real name of the person who ran the original Palladium Mailing list?
  7. Who is the Cybermessiah?
  8. Who has the sick and twisted ideas?
  9. Who is the second twit in command?
  10. Complete the following sentence: I am the --- ---, coo... coo... catchoo.
  11. ...Who was he before that?
  12. What is Jenner's status in the Catholic church with his new name?
  13. Who wrote the FAQ?
  14. Where is the FAQ?
  15. (I know this is an evil question but...) How do you sub/unsub from the list?
  16. ...How did one sub/unsub from the original list?
  17. What is the correct answer to: "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
  18. What is Crow's name a reference to? Where can you find it now?
  19. Have you seen at least one Monty Python movie?
  20. Who has demented files?
  21. Do you know one of the BOB BRAND slogans?
  22. Do you know two of the BOB BRAND slogans?
  23. Who on the list knows too much?
  24. Gabriel's real name is what?
  25. ...also known as who?
  26. old is he?
  27. ...and what is his importance on the list?
  28. Who writes the story about Perseus?
  29. ...What is the name of the fanfic?

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