Top Ten Things Wrong with Juicers

By: Lee Casebolt

Here is the discussion that brought this list about.

    > >  I love it!!  I'm a long-time Juicer-hater; this is great.
    > > Suggested name - Coalition DEA (Druggie Elimination Agent)
    > Hey!  What's wrong with Juicers??

    You want a list?

10 - Anybody who takes more drugs than the Dallas Cowboys is a pussy no matter *what* his stats look like.

 9 - INTENTIONALLY giving yourself a 6 year or less lifespan is pretty dumb.

 8 - That stupid-ass haircut (check 'em out...)

 7 - Bio-Comp Envy...

 6 - Wussy "Assassin" weapons

 5 - Withdrawal

 4 - Wear some goddaman armor, you flea ridden freaks!

 3 - Leaving heavy weapons in the hands of someone who's toxicology looks like a Medallin inventory report is NOT my idea of a good thing.

 2 - Live fast, die young - who wants to be a (bad) bumper sticker slogan?

And the number one thing wrong with Juicers is...

 1 - You know what coke and 'roids do to your sex life? Well, multiply that by about 15 billion times, and then imagine being a Juicer's girlfriend...

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