Top Ten Ways to Kill a Borg

By: Lictalon & Col. Hall of the CS Army

10. "What would happen if I shoved this in your 'air intake'?"

 9. XP-17 Super-soaker

 8. Use a certain spell called "Energy Disruption" on his bionic lungs.....

 7. Pay him to assassinate a certain 15th level Psi-tech you know....

 6. "Hey, what's this 'emergency release lever' thingy do?"

 5. "C'mon, everybody can learn to swim!" {kick}

 4. Borg: "What flash lightning storm?"...

 3. Plug 'em into a nuclear power plant and overload their circuits.

 2. Remind your friend Elektro, god of technology that he owes you a favor...

 1. Flick a millenium bug at them.
    -"Here ya go, Mr. Borg, sir!"
    -"What the---ackk!"

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