Top Ten Dirty Tricks For Teleporters

By: Brice Daury
Created on: May 22, 1999

10. Every shot is a point-blank shot to the back of the head...

 9. <blink> "Here, hold this for me" "Huh?" <blink> "Shit! A grena...BOOM!"

 8. "I teleport the 1000 lb. weight exactly 200 feet straight up over his head..."

 7. "I teleport him 1 mile straight up, then drop him..."

 6. "One fusion block, ten badguys and no fuse delay, Bye!" <blink>

 5. "Oh damn, looks like I stumbled into a vampire lair at night, Bye!"<blink>

 4. Returning the day after #5 and teleporting vamps, coffin and all, to the sunlight park down the road...

 3. "Yeah, I memorize the outside of the CS checkpoint" Two days later- "Hey, I grab that mage and teleport him to the CS checkpoint"

 2. Taunting Kill Hounds...

And, big drum roll please....:

 1. 'Porting pissed off Kill Hounds into enemy camps...

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