Top Ten Signs That Itomas Is Even More Insane

By: J.R. Webber

I couldn't stop myself. Here, in leui of actual humor, is a few top ten lists!

10. Changed his name to Itommica Lewinsky.

 9. Rifted Bill Clinton to converse on "old times".

 8. Caught sniffing camel dung.

 7. Painting eyes on butt, tried to kill someone.

 6. Told King Cheeops (Cyclops) to suck his lightning.

 5. Asked the Slayer of Mountains to "make him really bendy so he can suck himself".

 6. Writes dumb top ten lists for fun and then shows them off.

 5. Tries to buy viagra and condoms at an alchemist's shop.

 4. Rules the Western Empire.

 3. Goes through a crowded street yelling "Castlerake for sale!"

 2. Goodbye, black ships; hello, rafts!

 1. Itomas the Adventurer; fighting for Decadence, Corruption and the Western Way!

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