Top Ten Signs that your GM is a PSYCHO

By: Ghoull

Because Cosmic Chicken wanted some Rifts humor---

10. He has memorized the statistics for Splugorth Intelligences.

 9. He sharpens the edges of his dice.

 8. You see him flipping through SA 2 in the store, muttering, "Damn weaklings... I need a book with some TOUGH critters in it!"

 7. He's a very big fan of live-action role playing. In fact, he often live-action role-plays his favorite character, a necromancer with a death fetish, in public places.

 6. He often refers to the writing genius of Isaul Vargas.

 5. Whenever a character dies, he pulls its miniature off of the table and decapitates it with a tiny guillotine.

 4. At the beginning of every battle involving demons, he puts on the song Black Sabbath. If the fight involves robots, he puts on the song Iron Man instead.

 3. Whenever the characters go into a dark room, he begins laughing maniacally.

 2. If the characters do something which he didn't plan for, he flips through the rulebook, thinks real hard, and then brings in Great Cthulhu to punish them.

 1. At the beginning of every game session, he demands that every player donates a dollar. If a player does not give the money, he marks the character sheet with an X in ram's blood.

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