Another Ten Reasons Why Robotech is Better Than Rifts

By: Flanker

10. Invid are easier to kill then splooegorth.

 9. The only evil empire is the robotech masters, and they are easier to defeat then the CS.

 8. No ten foot tall robots with 770 MDC (even the HWR-III has only 600!)

 7. Radiation from nuclear powerpacks is non-existant.

 6. Very few items have MDC, eliminating the constant price of weapons.

 5. Most of the time, it is not necessary to have thirty rocket launchers on hand.

 4. You never need to wory about shape-shifters.

 3. No concealed bionics, etc.

 2. Tactics work better then stand and deliver.

 1. Its easier to GM as earth is more like ours.

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