Top Ten Reasons Why Robotech is Better than Rifts

By: Flanker

Here's a few (hopefully) humorous top ten lists. Not that I was in a rather sick mood when I wrote these last night. Other than that, Enjoy.

10. S.D.C. items actualy have a chance at times.

 9. The skill percentages are higher. (Better education)

 8. You don't need to know the stats for 300 diffrent mosters.

 7. No annoying psionics or magic to terroze your character.

 6. There are fewer then 40 weapons to remember.

 5. Cool veritechs.

 4. Reasonable OCCs and human atributes, make the characters easier to make.

 3. The average enemy has 75-100 MDC, not 750-1000!

 2. Combat is quicker, as some enimies die in only one shot.

 1. The odds are stacked in the players favor! (200 MDC cyclones...)

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