Top Ten Pet Peeves of an Evil NPC

By: J.R. Webber

Here's a few (hopefully) humorous top ten lists. Not that I was in a rather sick mood when I wrote these last night. Other than that, Enjoy.

10. People with the See Aura power.

 9. When it's "Evil NPC" Day at the local arena and you have to work for the Boss.

 8. Wise-cracking PCs who say the N stands for Nutcase.

 7. The Boss fires you - Literally!

 6. Having an erection while waying armor really HURTS!

 5. Being called an "Imcompetent Fool" all the time.

 4. Aberrants and their stupid sense of honor!

 3. The Good Guys always win.

 2. Diabolics get all the attention.

 1. When you find out your throwing knife is dull just when the PCs get close.

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