Top 10 O.C.C.s you'll See From Palladium in the Near Future

By: Ruiner, baby!

10. The Hunter Vampire Vampire Hunter Hunter O.C.C.: A specialist in hunting the predatory vampires that hunt vampire hunters. I think. A countermeasure from Palladium for all those Vampire characters who're going to be making a habit of killing Vampire hunters.

 9. The Pavement Ranger O.C.C.: More or less a Tundra Ranger who specializes in stalking the cold streets of Lazlo - hence the T-shirt, running shoes, and Squee-gee, given that the person who writes Rifts Lazlo is going to give totally different city statistics then the ones in Canada - including not making the place so bloody cold.

 8. The Rogue Scholar Schocktrooper O.C.C.: A Rogue Scholar laden with bionics and heavy weapons. A way to wean players who were used to the previous power levels of Rifts into the newer, gentler world of Rifts.

 7. The Tropicana Juicer O.C.C.: A Juicer empowered by the gift of vitamin C, and blessed with incredible speed, agility, and great digestion. A direct response to the demands of Florida gamers who felt they were being neglected by Palladium.

 6. The Keeper of the Urine O.C.C.: A combination Ley Line Walker/Blood Shaman/Spatial Mage/Janitor. For those hybrid loving players out there who can't get enough hybrid characters.

 5. The Flamboyant Glitterboy O.C.C.: A Glitterboy who doesn't care who knows - I don't know what made Palladium think this was a worth while O.C.C. considering it's stand on everything. *shrug*

 4. The Coalition Shriner O.C.C.: A Coalition soldier in a Fez and the infamous CS Shriner Car. Created to meet the requests of certain Palladium "backers".

 3. The Absolutely More Fucking Crazy Then Before Crazy O.C.C.: Since the Crazies have been neglected since Mindwerks and by most netgamers, they felt it neccesary to create an improved crazy that wasn't written by the pariah C.J. Carella.

 2. The Vampire Hunter Hunter Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunter Hunter Vampire Hunter: What the hell am I talking about? Who knows, but it seems likely. Go figure.

 1. The Twinkie O.C.C.: No, not like the MUD munchkin - like the pastry treat. Yummy, and low on the experience tables! A hugely popular request from the current average age group that Palladium purchasers fall into.

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