Top Ten Reasons Kevin Siembieda is going insane

By: J.R. Webber

10. Only Rifts books will be published in '99.

 9. Y2K too.

 8. He is often been heard saying "The game designer types up a book" or "Kevin Siembeda takes a shower"

 7. Recently, he dropped his pants in the office and said "Let's put the *lad* back in Palladium".

 6. He is submitting some stuff to the Rifter, for some extra cash.

 5. Palladium's books will now cost a minimum of $70

 4. Is releasing a book for Palladium called "The Old Ones just attacked". It has one page, which says "The world has been destroyed. Sorry" and costs $300. He is also releasing a version of this for every other game.

 3. He is known to go down to local bars, get himself drunk on imaginary beer, which he pays with in imaginary "gold pieces" or "credits", and walks wobbily up to someone, and asks if they know any good arms dealers to get his battle axe repaired.

 2. He is known to make drunk phone calls to competitors saying that since he's the GM, a band of assassins burns down all their buildings and insurance papers.

 1. He has been seen trying to make magic circles and attempting to summon demons.

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