Lord Itomas's Top Ten Pet Peeves

By: J.R. Webber

10. People who get away from the Demon Black Ships --- uh, uh, and no, uh, he doesn't make them any more!

 9. the unusally perceptive 95% of Palladia's population who've figured out he's trying to take over the world.

 8. okay, so the empire's a hive of scum and suffering. So why is everyone complaining?

 7. His advisors complaining about his lack of a suitable heir. He's trying to convince them to let one of his 127 illegitimate children inherit the throne, but to no avail.

 6. Who is this Ra person anyway?!

 5. Morals, schmorals, get me drugs!

 4. We are not a democracy. Raise taxes. Now.

 3. When somebody decides to rebel the week you're holding a big party.

 2. When your advisors bug you with such small problems like dragons are razing the city, the Old Ones have awakened, etc.

 1. No matter how much money you have, you cannot buy experience.

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