Top Ten Headlines in Palladium Hell

By: J.R. Webber

I couldn't stop myself. Here, in leui of actual humor, is a few top ten lists!

10. Giant groundhog sees his shadow, eats 5 people

 9. "The Night Santa Went Crazy" by Weird Al Yankovic turns out to be true

 8. A monkey at the Zoo of Hell just turned into King Kong.

 7. Previous record of 1004 degrees was just beaten.

 6. Future home of Lord Itomas has been constructed.

 5. A few thousand of demon Locusts have just been rifted in.

 4. Algor Services, inc, just said that they refuse to give us water anymore; Seeking the help of.

 3. The Succubi and Inccubi are making their rounds again.

 2. Watch out! Here comes Spider-Dragon!

 1. Modeous wants *you* to be his torture room guinea pig!

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