Top Ten Bad Netbooks

By: J.R. Webber

Here's a few (hopefully) humorous top ten lists. Not that I was in a rather sick mood when I wrote these last night. Other than that, Enjoy.

10."Let's Go Through Every Palladium Sourcebook and discuss my many house rules"

 9. "Why PF Should Be A Rifts Supplement"

 8. "2,512 Ways To Get Your Character Killed"

 7. "Palladium drools, AD&D rules!"

 6. "Revenge of the Munchkins"

 5. "Goblin Porno"

 4. "Palladium Dragons are Wusses"

 3. "How to kill Xy in 4 melees or less"

 2. "Space Aliens Invade Palladia!"

 1. "Hippoes Hippoes Hippoes!"

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