Rifts Thanksgiving

By: Rat Kin

Well, it's turkey day, and I have a couple of guidelines for a Rifts Thanksgiving (actually, I believe a few are from last year, and they are not mine. If something looks to be yours, just tell me.)

  1. Hunting fowl with plasma weapons saves time on cooking, but is considered bad sport.
  2. Bursters make great kitchen helpers.
  3. Never, under any reason, let a crazy cut the turkey.
    1. The turkey was his long lost friend.


    2. It's the perfect oppertunity to show off his favorite vibro blade.
  4. Never invite Native americans to Thanksgiving dinner, it was their land first.
  5. Always invite 2 mages for every psi-stalker.
  6. Never invite Necromancers to dinner (actually happened in my game last year). It was bad enough trying to kill the turkey when it was alive, but how do you kill an animated turkey?
  7. Always cook 3 times as much food when you have juicers showing up for dinner.
  8. Never invite me to dinner, it won't be pretty.

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