Rifts Skills

By: Cziller
Created: February 28, 2000

Based on (You guessed it) "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. All other standard Palladium disclaimers apply.

Flying: Quite simply, this is the practiced ability to throw oneself at the ground and miss. Most of the poeple around may look at you funny and compare the odds of this happening to that of having a bulldozer crash through your living room window right in the middle of the afternoon when you had set down to tea with your mum. But it does happen. The secret, as I have been told, is to throw yourself at the ground and in the last possible instant before you hit be distracted. This does not have to be something major, just something odd like noticing a spoon you though you had thrown out in the trash laying a few feet to your right. Speed is equal to the character's Spd. Add 1D6 to SDC, throwing oneself at the ground tends to get one a little banged up. Base Skill Percentage: 5% + 10% per level of experience. It gets much easier once you've done it the first time.

Brokkian Ultra Cricket: Compared by some to a session of Parlaiment, this sport involves putting two teams in a enclosure and throwing in lots of sports equipment. The spectators then sit and watch the enclosure, unable to see anything that is actually going on inside but pontificating furiously on the odd sounds that are occasionally admitted. This is a much loved sport by those of infinite lifespan as what is actually going on inside will never be known. This brings up the question of what happens to those inside. Bonuses: None, this is a spectator sport. Base Skill Percentage: 1% + 1% per level of experience. This is for guessing at what is going on inside only.

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