Rifts Condoms

By: GoldenH
Created: February 28, 2000

Somewhere... in a wooden building of a town in the wilderness....

"Oh, Johnny! You've saved our city from the monsters! I'm so grateful!" ..... a woman wearing only silky underpants is pressed up against a Cybernight.

"It's all in a days work, ma'am."

She kisses him, and starts to undo his armor. He's tense.

"What's wrong Johnny?"

"I've... never... done this... before"

She smiles and nibbles on him, "Don't worry, just lie back... you have a condom of course." She continues to tickle him.

He stares at her. "Condom? I've never even carried one of them."

"Oh!" she exclaims her eyes widening.

"Are condoms really that important?"

She runs away crying, "Oh, Johnny...."

The next day, he's getting up ready to go. As he steps out the door, a huge dragon is waiting for him.

"Die!" it screams, moments before chomping up the cybernight.

The screen fades to black.

"Don't die a virgin. Use Condoms."

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