Rifts Baseball

This game was created by Ghoull and posted to the Palladium Mailing List (the ancient Berkely list) on Sept. 28, 1996.

Today, I had an idea for a video game which I thought would be truly great. In the tradition of Mutant League Football and Hockey---Rifts Baseball!! It would be for something like the Nintendo 64 or Saturn or Playstation, and I think that computer animation would be best.

The idea is simple. There are a bunch of Rifts baseball teams, who play each other in all sorts of stadiums, for dominion over the megaverse! There are different players with different strengths and weaknesses. Oh, yeah, and there are weapons. When the players are running from base to base, they can stop for a moment to take a shot at the opposing player of their choice. This delays them, so they may get out, but provides an opportunity to kill star players on the other team. And the player closest to the ball can stop where he is and shoot at the runner instead, but if he misses or doesn't do enough damage, the runner will probably get to base.

Oh, yeah, and some players have special powers, but there's a power meter based on the number of hits gotten. If the power meter is empty, those powers can't be used. F'rinstance, the Super SAMAS on the Screaming Skulls can triple his speed while running the bases (by turning on his jets), but must spend a power point to do that. If there aren't any power points left, he can't use the power.

Here are the teams:

Here are the stadiums:

There'd probably be teams and arenas from Underseas, England, and South America, but I know very little about those places since I don't have the books, so I guess someone else will have to do those.

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