Munckintech Industries

By: Ben Overmyer
Created: Novermber 5 & 6 1999

Super Ultra Megaton Blast Cannon: This weapon looks like a Glitterboy's boom gun on a slightly smaller scale. Ordinary humans can wield it with no problem whatsoever, since it's made of ultralightium. It has three barrels in a triangle formation. When fired, there is absolutely no recoil - it's an energy weapon. The SUMBC fires a blue laser-like beam from each of its barrels. When the beams connect with something, they cause a gigantic (50 foot radius) explosion!
Damage: 5D6x1,000 M.D. for everything in the blast radius
Range: 10 miles
Payload: Unlimited (No e-clips! It has a special Munchkintech generator that'll last for approximately 5000 years)

Interstellar Launch Cannon: This weapon looks just like the SUMBC, except it has only one barrel. It, too, is made of ultralightium. Instead of firing a beam of energy, it fires an invisible antigravity "ball" that not only causes whatever it hits to float, but also explodes, sending the target rocketing into outer space at roughly 5,000 mph!
Damage: No direct damage.
Range: Unlimited/sight
Payload: Unlimited (Munchkintech generator)

Dr. Nikhcnum's Wondrous Staff of Smacking: This staff is a six-foot long oak staff with apparently no special abilities. However, when it connects with something, the target is knocked back 2D8x100 feet!
Damage: 1D20 M.D.
Range: 6 feet
Payload: N/A

Dr. Nikhcnum's Diabolical Staff of Vampires: This staff is made of ebony, but otherwise looks like a normal 6-foot staff. When the wielder shouts the phrase "vampires ho!", 1D20 vampires will appear out of nowhere to defend the wielder and attack everyone else.
Damage: 1D10 M.D.
Range: 6 feet
Payload: N/A

Archmage Remagrewop's Magnificient Sword of Midas: This sword looks an ordinary short sword. Its blade is about 2 1/2 feet long, and it has a bronze hilt with leather wrapped around the grip. When it does damage, though, the target instantly turns to solid gold! The target may then be sold for 1D8x10,0000 credits.
Damage: 4D6 M.D.
Range: 3 feet
Payload: N/A

From: Karl Collins <>
>*in my best player voice* But those aren't powerful enough! I mean I can't kill Apsu with one shot with any of this stuff!

Alright....try these then.

Glorious Railgun of Doom: This looks just like your basic handheld Borg railgun, but it's made of ultralightium to make it easy for regular humans to carry. Also, it has special Bodacious Attack Mechanism (BAM) ammunition that explodes on contact, and is magically altered (TW tech!) to kill vampires, alien intelligences, gods, and other immortals without having to mess with silver ammo and the like. It doesn't have recoil because the geniuses at Munchkintech invented a way to remove it.
Damage: 10D20 x 50,000 M.D. to mortals, 1D4 x 1,000,000 M.D. to immortals.
Range: 100 miles
Payload: 500 BAM clips of 4000 shots each (BAM ammo is magically compressed into itty bitty spaces)

Handheld Black Hole Launcher: This weapon, made of ultralightium, is sleek and usually painted plaid. It's about the size of a Wilk's laser pistol. It fires a small speck of light that expands into a dust mote-sized black hole when it comes into contact with a large target. The black hole will then suck anything within a 40 foot radius into it, and when there's nothing left to intake, it will collapse. Anything sucked into a black hole is destroyed.
Damage: Infinite
Range: 4 miles
Payload: Unlimited, 5000 year Munchkintech Generator

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