Real Men, Real Role Players, Loonies, Psychopaths & Munchkins

Systems Failure Edition v. 3.0

By: FlashFire

With updates by: Mad Dog

You knew it had to start again some time...


General Opion of Systems Failure

Favorite O.C.C.

Favorite Weapon

Favorite Psionic Power

Favorite New Equipment

Feelings Towards the Bugs

Feelings Towards NORAD

In The First Campaign

In The Second Campaign

General Comments

What to do with human slaves...

OCC's revisited

When they see a wall socket crackling with blue energy...

When they find a Ligtning bug...

It's October of 1999, and so you are preparing for the comming attack by the bugs

You are in a small group of maybe 3 other people. You've just been walking along, when suddenly you are ambushed by a large group of bugs.

The party has just stumbled across a large group of humans. There's maybe 300 of them, and they are all trying to hide from the bugs.

Favorite Vehicle

Favorite Organisation

Favourite Aspect of the Game

Least Favourite Aspect of the Game

Favorite Place to Be

Most feared opponent

First Thing to do in a Bugged City

First Thing to do in a Free Town

First Thing to do at NORAD

Desired Goal for Free America

Favourite non-SF Palladium material for crossover campaigns

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