Real Men, Real Role Players, Loonies, Psychopaths & Munchkins

Rifts Edition v. 6.8

By: Joseph Delisle

With updates by: Mad Dog

I've seen quite a few editions of this for other gaming systems, but never for Rifts. : ( So I made up my own...

Favorite OCC or RCC

Favorite non-weapon skill

Favorite weapon

Favorite body armor

Favorite power armor

Favorite robotic vehicle

Favorite cyberware

When cornered in a fire fight

Find employment as

Favorite place

Favorite things to do at a Millennium Tree

Favorite Spell

Favorite psionic power

When faced down by an adult dragon with force fields thick enough to bounce ping pong balls off of

When faced by any frustrating situations

When the character is out of ammo and in a town

When Trying to extend their rations

When the rations finally do run out

Favorite food

Favorite musical instrument

When Signing up to Join the CS Army

When At the Local Magic Shoppe

When Escaping From the Atlantean Arena

When on Wormwood

When questioning a prisoner or suspect

When they find an explosive in the city

The Bar Room additions

When a fight in a bar breaks out

At the card table

Ordering drinks

When the cops show up with guns blazing

When the barman starts talking about recent events

Real Men Hit Chi-Town

In the Burbs

At the City Gate

While shopping

When they finally get access to the main computer net

When they finally get access to the Chi-Town Library

When they finally get an audience with the Proseks

After being arrested by the ISS

Battle Cries

Defining diplomacy

When walking into a bar

Necessary motivation to get them to jump through a Rift

When looking out over a battlefield

When looking out over a desolate wilderness area

When looking out over a city

After finding the Long Lost Triangle of Zinthar

Greatest fear

When selecting background music for a Rifts game...

Favorite Thing to Do at a stone Pyramid

An average character's theme music

When meeting a stranger on the road

When faced by bandits (Hey, does anyone know the entomology of the phrase "Stand and Deliver"?)

When faced by a pissed-off Mega-Juicer

When faced by a pissed-off GM

Our heroes have been traveling for days on foot without seeing another living soul. Suddenly, they come across a damaged, recently abandoned but still functional APC. The...

General Opinion of Rifts

When entering battle

Real Men go Christmas Shopping

Real Men meet the Angel of Death

Real Men Go To Russia

Favorite OCC

Favorite Weapon

Favorite Spell

Favorite Monster/Creature

Favorite New Equipment

Feelings Towards the Warlords

Feelings Towards the Gypsiesv

Feelings Towards the Sovietski

In The First Campaign

In the Second Campaign

The arch-types go Christmas Shopping

At the Splynn Dimensional Market

Upon confronting Splynncryth

On Halloween, Real Men...

When picking out costumes on Rifts Earth...

Favorite candy to find in their bag...

When accosted for their candy by head hunters in Jar Jar masks...

When putting things in the candy apples they give out to hand to the neighbor kids...

Favorite thing with which to spike the punch

Favorite costume

Favorite Halloween Movie

Favorite Tattoos

Preferred Martial arts

When you can tell if you've been playing RIFTS for too long when they

Favorite Drugs

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