Real Men, Real Role Players, Loonies, Psychopaths & Munchkins

Ninja & SuperSpies Edition

By: FlashFire

On Sun, Sep 27, 1998, Richard Dale wrote:

> although it is fun to have everyone make a munchkin

<FlashFire takes a deep breath in preperation to say something, but then looks like he rethinks it> Naw, that's beneath even me...
  Remember, players are munchkins, characters aren't. That being said...

General Opinion:

Favorite OCC:

Favorite Martial Art Form:

Favorite Weapon:

Favorite Cybernetic Device:

Preferred Martial Art Power:

Favorite Employer:

Preferred Adventures:

Favorite Cover Identity:

Favorite Background:

Rule Most Used by the Character:

The arch-types go Christmas Shopping:

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