The Palladium Mailing List Lurker's Manifest

By: Shuma

Warning: the following is what happens when you have nothing to do at work and the only thing you have access to is email.

Another PML gathering! Vet or newbie -- it doesn't matter -- they make their grand entrances. Me? I silently slip inside as Kitsune puts on another airshow.

    "I shall become the Unseen
       no one hears me
       no one sees
       no one notices me"

A particularly large crowd is forming. Curious, I approach as just another nameless face. The cults are at it again. I manage to raise the Lurker's Shield of Anonymity just as a Funky Nine-Assed Mooning blinds everyone.

    "I shall become the Watcher
       I come not to be recognized
       I come not to be heard
       I come not to spin threads
       I come to observe"

I observe. Lee (dressed in Jen's clothing) shows his new martial arts techniques to Gabe. Further off, Intensity throws another deadly quip at some misplaced comments. In the distance, a mob throws a charred newbie back into the bit stream that he came from.

    "I shall become the Leech
       I will not criticize in public
       I will not commend in public
       I will not reply in public
       I will be thankful
       I will use what is created"

I cast Invisibility: Lurker and start to leech the secrets of PML members. Animating the recently deceased holiday fowl -- Necromancer Bob; Devastation, Disintegration, and other parlor tricks -- Archmage Hadrian; How to eviscerate your victims and still end up spotless -- Samhain; Kitchen Utensils of the Ancients -- Agrel faster the Magnificent.

    "I am a watcher that hides in your mailbox...
      I am a Palladium lover that waits for your posts...
      I am a Lurker of the Palladium Mailing List!"

Shuma, horse kin of unknowing
Equine of useless crap

How do you kill a headless-rune-ginzu-wielding-undead-roast-turkey?

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